Rest in cars :18

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CHLOE: my eye's felt a bit better i opened them a little to blink and all i saw was my mom driving. then i noticed christi was looking at me and said softley. "Chloe-bird were almsot home just rest your eyes." i replied with an okay. but then i thought josh! oh no where'd he go then i slowly turned to my right and i saw josh sitting next to me at that moment i felt safe and i noticed he looked back and smiled. i closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

The ride back home..

JOSH: As chloe's mom pulled in the drive way i just knew what i was gonna do i unbuckled my seatbelt and looked a christi while she pulled in the driveway.

CHRISTI: Hey josh did you want me to drop you off your moms probably worried!!

JOSH: i Got very nervous i had to lie!! so i said. "Oh no!! i can stay i already called my mom about it and she said it's fine

CHRISTI: Okay you get chlobird i'll be in in a second.

 JOSH: Yes finally a moment with chloe!! i thought i carried her in the house a set her up on the couch she was still out cold!! so i tapped her on the should and said. "Hey chloe it's me josh wake up!!" she still didn't wake so i went in for a kiss and something horrible happened!... TO BE CONTINUED!

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