Love birds: 14

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Paige!!! you scared me what are you doing guarding the door?.


No i was waiting you to come home doofus! everyone was worried about you including mom! where were you?


I was at uh-uh Hockey!! yes hockey i had to stay for an extra hour.." i said walking to my room i had to make up something! i don't want paige on my back about me and chloe dating again!


it's been 2 hours and i already miss josh.. i can't sleep and it's 12:00am i texted him to see if he was still woke.

[Chloe] hey josh.. i can't sleep are you still woke?

[Josh] yes babe i'm still woke<3 i can't get you out of my head.

[Chloe] i can't wait to see you tomorrow or soon! i love you so much goodnight josh<3


 I hope tomorrow rocks like today!..

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