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I'm at dance sweating and thinking about how much josh is gonna hate me for running off on him i might never be his girlfriend ever again it was a mistake i didn't mean it. but anyways i will work on my ultimate prank on paige!!

Driving home....


I walked into my room and my diary was open on the floor! and i remembered josh was still here when i left the room! omg no did he read, my diary!?!? he's gonna kill me... (Ring! Ring!) Oh no! it's josh don't answer it chloe!" i said to myself.. (You have one missed call) i took a big gulp and then i got a text! oh no and it says.

[Josh] Chloe why didn't you answer my call

[Chloe] Sorry must've been sleep?

[Josh] Baby please don't cheat on me do you really want me to hurt?

[Chloe] i never wanted you to hurt josh and i will never cheat on you and i never have!

[Josh] i'm comin over your house in a sec..


 Oh no!!! josh is coming over my house again! so i hide my diary and i stuffed everything under my bed i look out my window and i see him walking to my house with a backwards cap white jeans black high tops and he's carrying a basket..

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