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"Hold me closer Tiny Dancer"

Song: Elton John - Tiny Dancer


December 23rd -

"So are you excited to see your dad?" Harry asks as he buckles his seatbelt.

I'm dreading going to this airport, not about going to pick up my dad, but just because it's like people forgot the basics of driving at airports and drive like they're all fucking blindfolded.

"Yeah, it was rough between us for a few years but things are better now, we get along better than we ever have" I admit, doing up my own seatbelt and starting the car.

Harry reaches over, giving my leg an assuring squeeze "I know, I'm glad things are better now"

I give him a strange look, lifting my brow "What do you mean you know?"

Harry pauses, looking panicked as he stutters "Uh..uhm, I just meant that I know that things are good with you two, and I'm glad they're better now if they weren't before"

I give him a look like he's full of shit, and hum "uh huh"

He will always be a terrible liar, and I can read him like a book.

I decide to just leave it, I already know who would have told him - fucking Finn.

I can't find myself minding though, Harrys the one person I never mind knowing personal things about me, and it's something I would have told him myself if the conversation came up.

Besides, he looks like he's about to have a stroke with how worried he looks and I can't bare to see him like that.

I hand him my phone, giving him a reassuring smile as I pull onto the road "It's connected to the Bluetooth, can you put some music on?"

His shoulders slump in relief as he nods, messing his hand through his hair and relaxing against the car seat as he scrolls through the music on my phone.

"Hey Joey?" he drags out with a grin suddenly.

"Hm?" I glance sideways at him, to see him turned to face me with his face lit up.

"Why is there a playlist on your phone called Harry?" he asks accusingly, resting his elbow on the console and leaning closer.

Son of a bitch, I forgot I made that.

He's never going to shut up about this, I want this seat to open up and swallow me.

I grip the steering wheel tighter, feeling my cheeks heat and for once he's the one embarrassing me.

I made that playlist a few weeks ago, just organising all the songs that reminded me of him or moments we had together that I adored about our friendship, or that were important to me.

I should have named it something else, but I guess I just wasn't thinking.

"It's nothing" I mumble, refusing to look at him "Just put some music on"

"Naaaaah" he muses "I think I wanna listen to this playlist"

You little shit, you're loving this.

I slam the breaks on suddenly as we get to a red light and Harry cries out a high pitched yelp, dropping my phone in his lap and throwing his hands in front of himself as he flies forward, to then be jolted back by the seatbelt.

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