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Texting [ Harry Styles ] by flappyhemmings
Texting [ Harry Styles ]by вєth
Unknown: You looked beautiful today x Autumn: Who is this? It all started with a message and little did Autumn know that the message that was sent at 7:46 p.m. on that...
  • texting
  • onedirection
  • styles
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Styles of Expressionism H.S by derailedthoughts
Styles of Expressionism H.Sby derailedthoughts
He was a tattoo artist by day, a painter by night. He possessed what is commonly known as an addictive personality. Perhaps inherited. He had always been like that. H...
  • art
  • love
  • young-adult
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BOOK IDEAS by unlovd
for writers in need. ©unlovd | [ started : 2017 ]
  • harryau
  • harrystyles
  • harryfic
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hate & other words || h.s au by cupsoffics
hate & other words || h.s auby cupsoffics
At sixteen, every person on earth is destined to get a tattoo on each arm: one that matches their soulmate and one that matches their worst enemy. The day Harry's name s...
  • harryau
  • fakesoulmate
  • enemiestolovers
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Rupture // h.s au by brokxnharry
Rupture // h.s auby nesma
Rupture: [noun] a separation into parties or within a party; a schism. In a world of destruction, riot, and division, she was set to kill, all, stopping at none. Then he...
  • shailene
  • dark
  • niall
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regrets ⇝ hs by harrystmh
regrets ⇝ hsby adrianna
❝I'm not good for you.❞ ❝You're perfect for me.❞ ❝Staying with me could get you killed.❞ ❝And I wouldn't regret a single thing.❞ copyright © 2014-2015 harrystmh
  • direction
  • liam
  • harry
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Front Page | h.s. by rainberrykiwi
Front Page | h.s.by rainberrykiwi
Eden St. Claire describes herself in many ways: the most triumphant procrastinator. The most anticlimactic human being you will ever meet. Nothing too special, but worki...
  • harrystyles
  • fanfiction
  • harryfanfiction
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Habits (h.s au) by emxlygrxce
Habits (h.s au)by emxlygrxce
"Stay away from me Harry, I mean it." I backed away, cowering under his intimidating glare. Before I can even process my next meaningless threat I'm being corn...
  • drama
  • darkharry
  • boxer
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Arduous by tHeOfFiCiAlWhOrE
Arduousby hi
"Murder number seven has now happened tonight. Body has been found cut up,with the initials H.S. carved on the victims stomach. Police are advising to stay inside,l...
  • harrystyles
  • liampayne
  • harryau
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art deco [h.s] by harrysgardens
art deco [h.s]by harrysgardens
a girl in the attic and the boy in the painting
  • hs
  • painting
  • harryau
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The Gangs Nanny - Harry Styles by georgiamay99
The Gangs Nanny - Harry Stylesby georgiamay99
Daisy Evans is about to be kicked out of her flat. Jobless and not a penny to her name she jumps at the chance to become a live nanny for John Styles. Thrown into the d...
  • harryau
  • romance
  • featured
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running [h.s] by adderallbabe
running [h.s]by dee
"I think of you when my knuckles crack."
  • romance
  • sad
  • harryau
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give me love • styles by calmnarrie
give me love • stylesby nash
"I'm just scared you're gonna runaway." in which a boy struggled to find a worthy reason to continue his ruthless life, until he met her. harry styles...
  • love
  • harry
  • barbarapalvin
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hi // n.s. by onedeez
hi // n.s.by el
❝maybe hi will be our always❞ a story about niall naming harry on his contact as 'my baby girl' // texting format, lower case intended ©Copyright 2015; El
  • harrystyles
  • niallau
  • narry
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Winter [Harry Styles] by horantwix
Winter [Harry Styles]by horantwix
I didn't think it was possible to be so fascinated by one person, but I was. And I couldn't do anything about it.
  • direction
  • harryalternateuniverse
  • harrystylesalternateuniverse
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the assistant by Hawker97
the assistantby Hawker97
per·son·al as·sis·tant: noun. a secretary or assistant working exclusively for one particular person; people who provide services that relieve his or her employer from t...
  • styles
  • fanfiction
  • harryau
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drunken stupidity, h.s by infinibrows
drunken stupidity, h.sby es
Harry Styles and Edwige Indie were best friends since forever. There wasn't ever any other type of feelings between them, but a certain night changes everything. They w...
  • harlena
  • skinnylove
  • harryau
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the angel from next door | hs by wwomanhs
the angel from next door | hsby a
"i want you to touch me" "of course, anything for my angel" ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ...
  • auharrystyles
  • sub
  • daddyharry
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Dark Phoenix (Niall Horan AU) by _spntotw_
Dark Phoenix (Niall Horan AU)by _spntotw_
*Third book of the "Criminal Profiling" Trilogy* After the great torments, Niall James Horan and Raven Ella Smith have finally been able to start fresh. A lif...
  • onedirectionau
  • action
  • zaynmalikau
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lottery winner ✔️ h.s. by futuoharry
lottery winner ✔️ h.s.by queen liz
❝At a whopping 590.5 million dollars, the third largest lottery jackpot in history was claimed last night by a man named Harry Styles in South Tuscon, Arizona.❞
  • harrystyles
  • fanfiction
  • styles
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