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Just close your eyes,
And you will soon be with the clouds in the skies.

All harsh realities are a thousand miles away,
And your life is just perfectly blissful,
Not like always; an off day.

But then he appears,
Stealthily and swiftly,
Putting out the warmth with his icy fingers,
Leaving nothing but a chill down your spine.

You try to move,
But his sinister gaze makes you gravely still,
As he stalks you, the prey,
His prey.

You're desperately craving reality,
Trying hard to open your tightly shut eyes,
As cold sweat breaks on not only your forehead.

Suddenly, you don't see him anymore
But you're falling and falling,
Down the abyss of your void,
Your fears sequentially appearing like a slideshow.

You wake up with immense perspire,
Finding it hard to respire,
Knowing well,
That it is the power of him.

You're in fear and almost admiration his immeasurable control,
Over your actions and feelings you hide from even yourself,
Which is still to you the most fascinating thing about him,


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