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Emeliano's pov

She was different, unpredictable, surprisingly not like any other woman out there, the way she handled things was in a completely different style... She had a different approach to everything and it was killing me that she had to come from that family... It was killing me that I couldn't bring myself to accept these feelings, it was killing me that I couldn't bring myself to let go of the past.

I watched Rebecca sway her hips innocently and seductively.. I don't even think she has the slightest idea of what her actions were doing to me right now... It's taking everything in me not to just ignore this work and kiss the damn hell out of Rebecca Lewis.

I wanted to trust her, how I wanted to give in to my feelings and start over afresh... But she's going to leave very soon, she's going to go back to her life and I'll remain like this. So why the hell would I finally give in when she'd still end up leaving like everyone else?

It was certain and stamped. I like Rebecca. I tried not to like her, infact, I didn't know until the accident... The thought of losing her was unbearable.. it brought out the feeling I never ever wanted to feel and most especially for the daughter of Rafael Lewis.

It was all too soon, these feelings just popped up, destroying my walls... Liking Rebecca was an unexpected thing... I shouldn't like her, I promised myself that I wouldn't let any other woman into my life aside from Camilla... I never thought I would feel something for Rebecca, something intriguing and utterly different... Something that was obviously wrong but felt so fucking right.

I blinked from my thoughts, watching Rebecca... She said she wanted to get my attention, but now- now she has gotten much more than that... She has captured my senses, my brain, focus, body, thoughts, and now she was currently trying to pull my heart out of its hiding place and I can't help but give her that chance.

"... You intoxicate me... Just like, neco-"

"Stop! W-what are you doing?" I found myself stuttering, unable to take the torture her body was giving to mine.

"What does it look like? I'm singing and dancing... Come on, get up and dance with me." She said cheerfully.

I rubbed my eyes, completely detached from the work I was doing... What work again?

"And look as ridiculous as you do right now? I think I'll pass." I said to her... Fighting my legs to stay glued to the ground.

She stopped dancing, but the smile was still imprinted on her face. "You know what I love about that song?"

"No, I don't... And I don't think I want to know." I muttered, forcing my hands back to my laptop.

"I just love the lyrics! The artist is so talented... I really love her songs, her voice and even her name."

"Wow... I really wanted to know all that- I'm so interested in whatever it is you're talking about... Please don't stop talking!" I hope she sensed the sarcasm dripping from my words.

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