Bonus chapter

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Damn! I just miss writing about Emeliano and Rebecca!!! There are tons of ideas for a sequel, but I don't know if I should venture into it!

Anywho! Here's your bonus chapter!

You may continue...

Bonus chapter
Rebecca's pov

    "You know, I used to hate weddings." Emeliano leaned in to whisper in my ears as we watched April and her soon to be husband exchange their vows.

It's been two days since I decided to stay, turns out April had to postpone her wedding and I ended up attending it anyway... The way fate works, I'll never understand.

I furrowed my brows, looking up at Emeliano. "Uh... Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't you use to hate everything?" I mocked.

"Oh oh... Real funny." He said, leaning away from me.

I chuckled, using my shoulders to push his in a playful manner. "Just joking."

"You seem to do that a lot these days." He mumbled, but I could still see a hint of a smile on his beautiful face.

"What? Did you expect me to act like I'm not happy... I'm happy Emeliano... And I'm trying to make you understand that you can be happy to."

He looked over at me. "Who says I'm not happy?" He asked.

Sighing, I absentmindedly brushed my dress. "You're not... You keep thinking that I'm gonna leave... You're being careful with me... Picking your words and all... It's like you think that you're going to scare me off or something."

"Was I that obvious?" He asked.

"Pretty much." I smiled. "I'm not leaving Emeliano... Nothing can ever make me leave you... Okay? Nothing."

He returned the smile. "I'll hold on to that."

   I'll try to make him understand that I'm here to stay. I knew he thought that he could scare me off with his words or something... Although it was expected, since he was used to people leaving and all that.

It wouldn't be difficult to convince him otherwise.

"Your wedding dress is going to be more prettier than April's.”

I looked up at him immediately, he wasn't even looking at me, but I was sure he said something about wedding dress.


"I said, your wedding dress is going to be way prettier than April's."

"Why would you say that? Do you plan on buying me one anytime soon?"

He shrugged.

He just shrugged... Like that, keeping quiet like he was actually enjoying the ceremony.

What could he mean by that?

Does he want to ask me to marry him? It can't be... He used to hate weddings, he doesn't even believe in marriage... Why would he want to- damn I'm not ready for that... Or am I?

"Wait- I hope you're not thinking that I want to propose or anything.” he said.

"No... Of course not..  why would I think that?"

"Better not." He said, looking back up.

  Better not?

I don't understand this, doesn't he ever want to get married? It's not like I'm ready and willing to get married now... I want to get married but maybe later in future..  you know... But the way Emeliano spoke, it was like, he never ever wanted to get married? Is that even right?

I love him, yes... And he loves me, so he said. And so I believed...

But where would it lead us to? Will he ever propose or am I going to be left hanging when I'm actually ready to get married?

Will this lead us anywhere?

I felt his hands intertwine with mine. "You okay?" He asked.

I put up a smile quickly. "Yeah... I am."

"Funny how Rafael couldn't attend his own daughter’s wedding." Emeliano said.

"Please, don't even say his name." I groaned.

I was actually glad that he wasn't here, Marcos and Camilla too... I didn't want to have the awkward conversation and staring session.

I was not ready to see any of them yet... They'll just be a reminder of how messed up my life got.

I knew there'd be a time when I come face to face with either of them...It would actually be pretty soon cause as long as I'm still in Orlando? There's no avoiding it.

"You may kiss the bride." The priest finally said as everyone got up and applauded the newly wedded couples.

"Finally." Emeliano muttered.

"This only proves that you still hate weddings." I laughed out.

"Yeah... I haven't really gotten to the used to part. I see no reason for weddings." He said. His phone went off ringing. He held it out as he checked the caller. "Shoot... Duty calls... Give my congratulations to April... She'd probably chew my head off if she finds out that I left." He gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "See you later." With that, he bolted off.

I didn't even have the chance to convince him to stay...

But the most important part is that he made it to the wedding... And as they say... Half is supposed to be better than none.

It should feel like everything is finally over, but I still have this crazy feeling that there's still a lot of work to do... On Emeliano and my crazy ass family.

But for now, I guess I'd live in the moment... It's all that matters now, untill it finally ends.


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I'm still torn between writing a sequel or just dropping it all here...

Should I venture into a sequel?

Hmm... If you haven't checked out MY ROBOTIC BOYFRIEND, do that now!!! The pilot chapter and chapter two is up for your beautiful read!



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