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Emeliano's pov

         The rate at which my heart was hiting my ribcage, couldn't be compared to the intense blow my head was getting. I woke up feeling so sick to the stomach. Hang overs were something I never reacted well to.

But when you mix that hangover together with the intense tension in the sitting room where I stood right now, you would rather wish death over this conversation I was about to have with Rebecca Lewis.

  "You know, I underestimated you... I never thought you were capable of calling April over here, it's like my threat doesn't faze you anymore, you think that I was actually joking with everything I said to you." I found myself saying...

The truth was, I never thought Rebecca would call April over, I mean, I should be pissed but- I've got this feeling that something happened between Rebecca and I last night... Maybe I said something to her... Something that was actually making her glare daggers to my face.

"What did you tell April? Why did she just leave like that? Did you threaten her?" She asked me, obviously ignoring my statement.

   Dropping the ice pack on the table, I walked closer to her.

"Why would you even think I'd tell you? You freaking disobeyed my orders, I might as well just double your stay here..."

She glared at me, "You can do whatever you want, I don't care about anything anymore- after last night- after what you-" She choked on her words like she wanted to stop herself from crying.

That action only made my heart drop so low to my stomach... Did I cross my boundaries last night? Of course not- I'd never do anything to her... Why can't I remember anything?

"What I what? What are you talking about?" I asked, hoping she would not say what I think she wants to say.

"You don't remember? You don't remember what you did to me?" She asked, her voice began to waver and it sent my brain spiralling into a whole new ball of confusion.

I gulped down hard. Trying my best to think about last night... I remember coming home, and walking to the kitchen, and what next? Did I see Rebecca? Why did I go to the kitchen in the first place?


I remember talking to Rebecca... Talking to her about what?

"I can't remember anything... Did something happen? Did I hurt you?" I had to ask, I can't remember hurting her, I wasn't capable of doing such a thing- not to anyone, especially Rebecca... So what the fuck is she talking about?

"I can't believe you're even asking me that!" A tear rolled down her left cheek, and then on her right, making me feel the urge to wipe them away with my hands, but I stopped myself before I made the situation worse. "I begged you Emeliano, I fought you off, hoping you would stop, but you- you-" she broke down in sobs.

What the-

I moved closer to her, making an attempt to hold her but she pushed me away. "Don't you even dare come close to me... You're a monster and I hate you!"

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