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So! This is the epilogue... It's not going to be long, but I assure you that it's going to be okay.

You may continue...

Rebecca's pov

Day 14

The cold morning breeze blew my hair into different directions, relaxing my nerves and made me feel less sick.

The grip on my suitcase was a little bit tight as I stood Infront of the hotel I lodged last night, waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport.

This was the right thing to do... I wasn't okay last night... My mind wasn't settled and even now, my mind isn't settled... It's in different areas... Thinking different things.


I left him last night... I failed him because I was too chicken to accept the truth... But I couldn't just move on with life after finding out that the woman I believed to be my mother, wasn't my mother? How can I move on when just yesterday, I found out that I had a brother? Half brother?!

It was too much for me to look pass.

All my life, I've been thrown into different situations, and I knew just how to handle myself... Even when being kidnapped... I knew how to control the situation.

But this- this case was different... My mind wasn't ready for the news... How I wish I didn't ask Emeliano... How I wish that I just stuck to the future and forget the past.

But no... I had to go ahead and push the Past into the future, ruining my life and Emeliano's life with it.

Finally a taxi stopped... I got in immediately, letting the driver put my suitcase in the boot of the car.

This was it... I'm leaving Orlando to God knows where... I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere... These past few days had been the best... I felt like I've finally found a home... A place worth settling for... How did it all turn so messed up in just few seconds?

The taxi began to move.

Leaving Emeliano was the hardest decision I've ever made in my life... I betrayed him... I promised him and I failed him... Will he ever forgive me for that? After he had told me that everyone in his life never stays, after the promise I made to him that I would never leave... I went ahead to betray him just like everyone else did.

It was wrong... I felt guilty... I shouldn't have blamed him for not telling me anything... I should have just explained to him that I needed the space... But this space I have now is doing nothing but to make me think the more!

Why didn't I just stay? He told me that we would settle it together.. he wanted to be there for me, but I pushed him away... I left him and I told him that he was selfish... But truth be told, I was the selfish one... I wanted to nurse my feelings, not stopping to think of what my actions would do to Emeliano's feelings.

Wait a minute! How could I just leave him like that? At this point of time- I don't think I should handle this alone... Nothing comes out of running away from your problems, it would only keep chasing you... But if you face it head on, you wouldn't have to run anymore...

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