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Emeliano's pov

      What the hell is wrong with me?

Why the hell did I tell her those things?! Hell, I think I know why... She did that eye thing, that thing that made me regret abducting her... She just looked too innocent for her own good.

My head was all over the place, filled with thoughts about Rebecca Lewis, and I don't even know why I can't shut them out...

I can't work, I can't sleep, I can't think... I can't do anything right...

   Stepping into the elevator to Piper's apartment, I tapped my foot impatiently, rocking back and forth... .

I even drove pass the apartment building, thinking about Rebecca! I only realized when I made a ten minutes drive away from the building.

This was a first for me... I never even thought about Her like this... With Rebecca, it's all so different, she's different and it wasn't bad different- I was good different.

Ever though she can be frustrating at times, I still really cared about- stop there.. 

   This is bad... This is really bad, why can't I think of anything other than Rebecca? In my study this evening, when she left, all I could think about was that kiss, all I could think about was how her lips felt warm and perfect on mine... I tried to stop myself from looking at those evil lips for too long, they were so-

Emeliano... Seriously, stop this... What the hell is wrong with you... She's a Lewis! I can't be fooled by the same family twice... No... I can't think about her... I need to stop- Jesus! I've not even known her for long... Just like- five days!!!

The elevator stopped and pulled open, I walked out quickly, making my way to her apartment door, knowing fully well that Diego was also there.

    I needed someone to talk to right now, someone to remind me of the reason why I was doing this in the first place, because right now- I don't even know why I'm holding Rebecca down.

Knocking the door, I shifted from one foot to another, impatiently.

I need to stop thinking about Rebecca and her lips, her body, her soft hair- oh god... I'm super screwed.

I never expected this to happen... I mean, I should hate Rebecca because she was a Lewis, but why can't I stop thinking about her? Why can't I stop feeling like I was doing a terrible thing by holding her against her will.

I groaned, about to knock again but then the door flew open, leaving my hand hanging in the air.

Piper's eyes widened a little. "Emeliano? What are you-”

I didn't let her finish, I just brushed pass her and walked to her kitchen, seeing Diego pouring himself a bourbon.

I grabbed the glass from beneath the bottle in his hand and gulped down the whole thing, gesturing for him to pour another.

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