Will u be down?

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     Imagine you and Kellin are sitting back relaxing, acting the fool with each other. He is smiling so big, you can't help but stare.  In the past, it was rare to see Kellin genuinely smile, but now his smile is only for you.

     There is major flirtation in the air as Kellin tickles you, trying to get as close to you as possible. You giggle and he notices your hidden dimples, stating at you in awe. "Wow, Y/N, you're so cute when you smile", he says, his eyes perfectly spellbinding in the moment. You feel yourself blushing, but then you lose your breath as Kellin touches the side of your face, coming even closer to you.

     The magick of the moment is ruined as Kellin's phone rings, startling him. He looks at his phone then looks at you, his eyes saying sorry for him. "I'm sorry babe, but I have to take this", he says then gets up and walks into the other room, leaving you breathless. It was about to go down, you think to yourself, your body still tingling with the sensational feeling Kellin caused.

    You can hear Kellin raising his voice from the other side of the door. "Dammit! I'm sick of you telling me how to live! We're not together anymore! Or did you forget that?", he asked angrily. Suddenly the door flies open and in comes Kellin, still arguing. You can tell by the look on his face that it's her on the other end.

    You mind your business and sit there, trying not to listen in as Kellin curses. His eyes are full of pain and you can see it on his face clearly. Every time he talks to her, he stresses out because their arguments get so heated. "You're fucking impossible" , he yells, before grabbing his head.

    Kellin turns and looks at you. You mouth the words Are you okay? Kellin seems to be locked in your gaze. "You know what?", he asks you, dropping his phone to the floor. "Fuck this shit! I'm so done! Come here!"
     You find yourself standing, going to meet him as if on autopilot. Kellin wraps his arms around you and looks down into your eyes. "Let me guess", you say as you wrap your arms around his waist. "That was her again." You and Kellin are wrapped in each other's arms. He looks down into your eyes and nods his head.

    You touch his forehead, which is heated from his argument. You tip toe and plant a kiss on his forehead. You meet eyes so green you wish you could travel through them. Kellin feels the magick between you and fights no more. Your lips meet, and he kisses you passionately, sliding his tongue in your mouth as he holds your face.

   "Y/N, I know you can feel this...this thing between us", he says. You are so breathless from the kiss you can't speak. "I need to know..Will you be down with me, no matter how crazy things get?", he asks. You want to tell him you will, that you will never leave his side. Before you can speak, he places another breath stopping kiss on your lips.

    Kellin wraps you around his waist and carries you to the bedroom. He's much taller than you first thought, and strong too. When Kellin removes his shirt, you go gaga, forgetting any and every thing around you.

    After the two of you lay in bed after tiring each other out, Kellin brings your hand to his lips and kisses it. "Yes, Kellin. I will be down with you", you say. "No matter how crazy things get." Kellin is touched and pulls your naked body even closer. "I love you, Y/N", he says. "I love you too Kellin", you exclaim happily. "Come here", he says. Kellin kisses your lips then disappears under the covers, placing his mouth between your legs.

    "You promise?", he asks again. It seems he's asking your permission for something. You look down at his pleading eyes and say, "Yes, Kellin! I promise!" Kellin smiles at you then sucks you into his mouth, making you gasp in pleasure. Needless to say, Kellin shows you just how down he is, for you.


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