Hickeys onYour Neck

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     Imagine that you and Kellin have built a solid relationship, and technically, you're together. You miss him like crazy when he's touring, and he misses you too, calling you every night to whisper goodnight and kiss you through the phone. Every time, your heart beats heavily as you fight back tears. You miss him so much, it feels as if you'll die if he's not near you soon.

     You decide it's time to show Kellin your love in a major way. One day, you walk into a tattoo parlor with one of your favorite pictures of Kellin and ask the tattoo artist of he can swing this. "Sure thing, gorgeous", he tries to flirt but you ignore it. You sit through $325 and two hours worth of pain, but it's worth it, because your baby Kellin's face is permanently tattooed over your breast.

   You can't wait to show Kellin. After your tattoo is wrapped up, you leave the shop and head on over to Victoria's Secret. Kellin will be coming home soon, and you want to make sure you give him a warm welcome home. You purchase a sexy bra and panty set, some sensual smelling lotion, and a little box of Vanilla dusting powder. Yes, it will definitely be on!

   Back on Kellin's end, he is more than ready to get home to you. Kellin has been depressed as of late; he misses you terribly but that's not why he is depressed. His EX keeps calling him with bullshit, and her never ending cycles of bullshit and rants and rages have made him sick. Worried, Jack and the guys urged Kellin to see a doctor after witnessing just how bad talking to Katelynne made Kellin feel. "Dude, you punched a hole in the wall! Maybe you shouldn't accept her calls!", suggested Nick. "Man, fuck that bitch!", yelled Jack. "She calls, hang the fuck up! Done!"

    When Kellin went to the clinic, a doctor recommended he see someone. Kellin was prescribed and given pills in an attempt to balance him out. He popped one then got ready for his set. Kellin went on stage and belted his heart out, thinking of you and what he'd do to you once he'd get home. He decided to keep his mind on you.

      Christmas was right around the corner, and you've been shopping like crazy with the money Kellin left you before he and the band left for tour. You remember how you tried to give it back to him, pushing the stack of bills back into his soft hands. "Take it! I insist!", he said in his baby voice. "It'll make me happy!" Now, as you carried armloads of shopping bags out to your car, you smile, hoping Kellin will love your gifts.

 "It'll make me happy!" Now, as you carried armloads of shopping bags out to your car, you smile, hoping Kellin will love your gifts

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   You've decided to go with a more intimate feel while decorating, and the living room screams warmth and romance. Right as you place the last of the presents you've wrapped underneath the tree, you get the surprise of your life.

    "Hey, baby. Daddy's home!", Kellin says.

    Your back goes frigid. You turn around and see your cute baby, a very sexy but happy smile on his face. "Kellin!", you exclaim as he drops his bags, and you run into his waiting arms. Kellin hugs you, smelling your hair. "God baby, you always smell so good", he says. "Baby! You're home! I missed you so much!", you say. "We all decided to catch the red eye flight so we could get back home earlier. I needed to see my baby!", Kellin explained, still holding you.

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