Happy Birthday!

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   Imagine that you and Kellin Quinn are acquaintances who have turned into friends. You were lucky enough to get a job as fashion coordinator for the band and get to tour with them. You and Kellin click immediately, and get along very well. You have similar interests and are so alike; even your birthdays are on the same day! Of course you have the major hots for him, but you never tell him so because you know he's taken already, and there's no way a hottie like him would ever be interested in you, right?

   Kellin picks up on the fact that you like him. He can tell by the look in your eyes when you two speak. He also can tell you're crushing on him because your face gets a bright red blush to it every time he smiles at you. He actually thinks that it's cute.

    You do not mind keeping your attraction a secret. You enjoy your close friendship and savor every insane moment you get to spend with him. The two of you are constantly laughing and sharing jokes. Kellin loves your down to earth vibe and feels relaxed with you.

    Kellin's (and your) birthday is coming up, and you plan on surprising him with fresh baked cupcakes. You're sure his wife is planning something way better, but that doesn't stop you from baking. Kellin is a sweet guy, and he deserves a sweet treat. As you spread the icing, you smile and hope he'll love them.

    On the actual day, you take Kellin your cupcakes. You're surprised to see Kellin just laying around the tour bus and not celebrating. "Happy birthday friend!", you exclaim. Kellin perks up when he sees you. "Whoa! What are these?", he asks, taking the box of cupcakes from you. He deliberately makes sure his hand brushes yours a few moments longer than necessary, the feel of his skin sending chills up your spine. "I baked you some cupcakes", you say, trying to breathe.

    You notice sadness in Kellin's eyes. "You baked these, for me?", he asks. "Thank you! That's really sweet of you!", Kellin says. Now here's a girl who gets it, Kellin thinks to himself. You wonder why the sadness, and ask, "So, what's wrong? You look sad! It's your birthday! I'm sure your wife has something wonderful planned!" Kellin clears his throat at the mention of his wife. "Actually, Katelyn is out of town promoting her modeling, so...", he says. Deep inside, he feels that if Katelyn really wanted to be there, she would have. It was his birthday, for Christ's sake!

    He remembers it's your birthday as well, and says, "Oh! Happy birthday to you, too girl!" Kellin gives you a hug, and you can't help but enjoy the feel of his body.

     "I have something for you", Kellin says, his eyes sparkling. You seem to be in a trance as you take in his features, marveling at how pretty he is. You watch as Kellin reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a neatly folded piece of paper. He hands it to you carefully, like it's worth it's weight in gold.

    You unfold the paper, looking at him nervously as you go. He has drawn an anime version of you, and has decorated the whole page with scribbles of lyrics and tiny drawings. As you look closer, you read, You've stolen my heart...but I won't ask for it back.

   Kellin stares at you, awaiting your reaction. "Um, I know it's just a piece of paper, but..." , he began. You are so touched from the simplicity of his gift and the words he's written, you throw yourself into him for a hug, wrapping your arms around him tightly. Kellin hugs you back just as tight.

    When he realizes that he is still holding you, Kellin releases you, his face bright red from his blush. "I love it! Thank you, Kellin!", you say, smiling because you notice the way he's looking at you. The two of you sit down together and enjoy the cupcakes, and you try hard not to lick the icing from Kellin's lips.

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