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       Imagine you and Kellin Quinn have been seriously seeing each other exclusively. You two have a great love and a strong bond. You understand his career because you yourself are a musician and have your own band. You know all about life on the road touring. You and Kellin are tighter than ever. Nothing could come between you. No one.

    You thought! Apparently, some groupie bitch has spread a rumor that you had sex with one of your fans to Kellin's bandmates. "Dude, Y/N been hooking up behind your back!", they tell him.

     Kellin's no fool. At first he overlooks the matter, chalking it up to misleading information. But when his band keeps at it, persuading him it's true, he confronts you with the matter.

   "Y/N, you mean the world to me! Ever since we met I've been so happy! I hope you feel the same." , he says then pauses. You assure him you feel the same way. Then he hits you with it: "You know you can tell me anything right? You can always tell me the truth; Y/N, did you hook up with anyone while on tour?"

   You can't believe your ears. This is ridiculous! Kellin is your perfect dream man come true! Ever since you met him you've only wanted to please him and keep him happy and yours! You would never cheat on him!

    You tell him this, looking him in the eyes. Your bold honesty moves him, and he's forced to rethink how much influence other people has on his actions.

   Kellin grabs your face with his hand and pulls you in, kissing you passionately

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   Kellin grabs your face with his hand and pulls you in, kissing you passionately. "I could have lost you", he realizes. Kellin holds you close and swipes away everything on the table behind you, quickly undressing you and laying you back.

    Later, at band rehearsal, Kellin pours his heart out in song, his lyrics a warning to his friends. He belongs to you. Nothing can change that.

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