A Letter from Kellin

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    Dear Y/N,

   How are u, baby? God, I miss u so much! Do u miss me? I can't even begin to tell u how hard it is not seeing u everyday. It's complete torture, bcuz I miss ur sweet face, ur beautiful smile, ur sexy body...shit, I better stop. There's nothing worse than having a hard on and not being able to be with u.

    The tour has been going great so far. I'm visiting places and seeing things I never thought possible, although it's a bitch not being with u. I wish to someday see these places with u, babe. I promise I will take u to every beautiful place I've seen, and they'll be much more beautiful bcuz you'll be here.

    Babe, today I saw the cutest dress while me and the fellas were exploring on our break before the show. The first thing I thought of was how precious and adorable this will look on our new baby girl, so I bought it, and two more like it. Boy, did the fellas give me hell!  God, I can't wait until she's born. I know u want to name her Topaz, but I kind of like Astrid, too. Oh well, whatever you want to name our baby is fine with me. After all, ur the one carrying her. She was made in love. I can't wait to meet her.

   I also bought a little something for the most sexiest mom-to-be in the world. I think u will like it; I'm hoping u will love it! I won't tell u what it is, just don't be surprised when it's delivered to our door. God, how I wish I could be there to see the smile on it face, bcuz I will be smiling! I also can't wait to get home so I can really put a smile on ur face (hint, hint).

   Y/N, I love u so much. Ur love keeps me going when I'm on the road. I hate leaving u like this, but I promise, this will all pay off. I am going to buy u that dream house we talked about, just wait and see! My songs r for u, and only u babe, as well as all of this...

    Let me stop! Well baby, I hate to say this, but it's time for me to go. I will be with me in spirit tho, my love! I love u so much! Here's a kiss babe, I wish I could kiss ur sweet belly right now! Well, goodnight my love! Wish me luck! See u soon, sexy! Until then, dream of me tonight, bcuz I'll be doing the same, dreaming of u! I love u!

                                        Love Always,

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