Losing Me-Yuta(1)

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"Remember, I'm only four doors down," My boyfriend Yuta began. "If you need help with anything, I don't care what it is I'll help you with it, okay?" He held my hand as he stared into my eyes, deeply.

"Okay, thank you Yuta." I nodded, his cheeks turned a soft pink color. "Remember that I'll be here for you, don't keep anything bottled up, for now I'll be your trash can," he said with a smile on his face. "if you need anything you need to get off your chest come to me and you can dump it all out,"

"Don't worry I will tell you if I have something on my mind," just recently I was diagnosed with Depression and lately everything has been rough. Most of the things I loved have come to the point where I could care less about them. But after all that I still had my loving boyfriend Yuta to help me through everything.

He's been with me since day one and he tries every single day to make me happy. He was the one who realized that I was a bit distant, he immediately took me to a doctor and later I was diagnosed with Depression.

"I'll see you soon babe, I love you." He kisses my lips and he gives me a hug. He begins to walk towards his apartment. I close my door with a smile on my face but as soon as I hear the click of the door my smile fades. I turned around to look at my empty apartment that used to have loads of decorations, until I fell out of decorating.

I walked towards my bedroom and flopped down on my plain bed. Turning over on my side, I grabbed my phone from off my nightstand and began to look through weird things in my phone.


I exhale at the things I see on the app I'm on, the thoughts of Yuta flooding my mind as I swipe to the next picture.

While looking at a picture I can feel my heart clutch as I see another picture me and Yuta took earlier in the day. Yuta had posted it on his account.

 Yuta had posted it on his account

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난 그녀를사랑해! 영원히 나와 함께있어.
I love her! Stay with me forever.

foreignswagger1: you guys are so cute!

amajohn: yo jaehyun why is your username still that?

foreignswagger1: what are we not doing the thing anymore?

I chuckle as I read the comments of my friend's weird antics. I wish them a good night and I begin to turn over on my side trying to go to sleep.

"T⃘H⃘E⃘Y⃘ D⃘O⃘N⃘'T⃘ C⃘A⃘R⃘E⃘"

I put my phone back down on my nightstand and I turn the other way on my side. I feel a rush of sadness come through. Eyes drooping, I could feel myself slowly falling asleep. The last things I thought of was Yuta and how I needed to go to him before my eyes fully closed.

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