Part 3

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I was sharpening my sword out of boredom.

"Hey YN, do you like to drink?" Miss Kobayashi asked.

"I was well known for my ability for drinking." I responded.

"Wow really? I only have one drinking friend and I thought you could use some practice when comes to people from this world." Miss Kobayashi explains.

"Sure! I'd love to!" I exclaim.

Time felt like it was purposely going slower to annoy me. So to pass the time, I went for a light 42 kilometres run, eventually it was time to drink.

"Come on YN, let's go." Kobayashi said.

We left to go drinking .

"Hey YN, where did you get those clothes? They look to big to be bought at a store." Miss Kobayashi asked.

"Oh this? Well I had a bag full of gold coins,so brought it the banker and traded it, then I bought some 'custom fitted' clothes." I explain.

"Wait! You had gold coins?! How much?" She asked.

"Well according, to the banker of this city,the small amount of gold was worth approximately 818056890 Yen, he also gave me a piece of plastic with code to go with it." I explain.

"What! That's a small amount, just how much gold did you have in your world?" She says surprised.

"About enough to fill the house."

~Kobayashi POV~

Holy crap! I have a millionaire sleeping on my couch.


"Why are you so surprised? Since my country found a way to mass produce gold, it's not that valuable." I explain.

"So you, abused this world to get rich?" Miss Kobayashi asked.

"Of course not! I have self-respect, I wouldn't abuse the system intentionally!" I say agitated.

"Hey YN, what's with the different voice and personalities, are you bipolar or something?" Miss Kobayashi asked.

"No, I have sort of a 'mild' split personality disorder, I can't remember when it first started but I know it happened during my time at 'mother Tueur's', sometimes if I concentrate really hard I can listen to them." I say.

"Huh, So it's like mood swings, but instead of moods changing, it's your personality." Miss Kobayashi comments.

"I guess so, I never put that much thought into it, it bums me out to think about my childhood, y'know?" I answer.

"Oh, I'm sorry if I offended you, YN, it's just me trying to understand you more." Miss Kobayashi replied.

"No, no, it's fine! I don't mind talking about it! It's being alone thinking about my childhood, that upsets me." I respond, trying to make Miss Kobayashi feel less guilty.

"I'm sure you spent some time with your family before Mother Tueur, right!" Miss Kobayashi asked.

"Well honestly, I never met my family, the closest I had for siblings were the boys at Mother Tueur's, but they never lived long for me to bond with them." I answer.

"Ouch, that's rough, but maybe t you developed your disorder out of loneliness." Kobayashi commented.

"I never thought of it like that! You're so smart Miss Kobayashi!" I exclaim.

"Who me? Nah, hey look we're here." Miss Kobayashi announced.

The bar didn't look like anything special just a plain old bar, there was a man who waved and walked over.

"So Kobayashi, this is your brother? I hope you don't think I'm rude, but he doesn't look a thing like you."


"Him? He's... ah... adopted... yeah that's it, he's adopted, we never met he's birth parents, so we don't know he's heritage." Miss Kobayashi says.

I mean she's not wrong, we don't know my parents or my heritage.

"Wow, really, by the looks of him, if you told me he came from another world, I'd believe you, he's a tower of muscle! Anyway my name is Takiya, nice to meet you mister..." Takiya said.

"YN Kobayashi, just call me YN." I respond.

"Well YN, let's see how good you're at drinking!" Takiya said while walking into the bar.

Unsurprisingly the average looking bar was average on the inside.

"Alright, drink up I'm paying!" I exclaim.

"Wait, really? I don't feel comfortable having someone buy all the drinks." Takiya said.

"No,no! I've got lots of money no need to be shy, get whatever you'd like." I explain.

The night was filled with drinks, well for me, Takiya and Kobayashi only had a couple drinks, while I drank more than everyone at the bar.

"Hey... Ah... YN, are you alright, you drank a lot." Takiya said drunkenly

"That measly amount, that's not even enough to get me buzzed." I state proudly.

"You're... a terrible liar!" Takiya exclaimed, falling over himself.

Well guess, I gotta bring them home.

"Alright you two time to get you home." I say as I lift the two of them.

After a long night of following a drunken Takiya's directions, Kobayashi and I made home.

We opened the door only for a furious Tohru to charge us.

"Are you taking advantage of Miss Kobayashi while she's drunk?! I'll kill you lowly human."

"Hey! Don't go yelling at MY big brother, you phoney maid, walking around in your COSPLAY! You got no right to get mad at anybody!" Kobayashi ranted.

"Big brother?! What do you mean big brother?!" Tohru asked.

This'll never end I'm gonna go to bed.

~Chapter end~

I just realized that at the end of each episode the reader goes to sleep.



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