Part 2

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~dream sequence GO!~

I was laying on a table feeling sore, I look at a nearby mirror to see...

I was laying on a table feeling sore, I look at a nearby mirror to see

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"I'm a kid again?"

My back was covered in scars and stitches as was normal when I was young.

"All right brat, let's go through the list to see what 'daily chores' you have left." Mother Tueur says.

"Daily dose of poison check, 500 volts of electricity check, burning and acupuncture check and finally head under water for 2 minutes check. Well kid, you're done for today." Mother Tueur lists off.

This place was hell, constant physical and mental abuse. It wouldn't be so bad, if I only had a friend, but nobody survives long enough. I've started to talk to myself to help with the loneliness. Everyone's calling me big brother, I can't handle that.

"Hey big brother, why do you have white hair? Are you an old man?" A little kid asks.

Wait I remember this day, the day I was set free.

"YN, I've got a surprise for you. Today you get to help with a special case." Mother Tueur says.

I look at the boy, he had pale blond hair with paler skin and light blue eyes.

"Hey, just kill me, I don't want to live anymore." The kid says.

While Mother Tueur, charged up the electrocution device, the boy maxed it out while she wasn't looking to a 11 000 volts. She shocked him, not knowing what he did, this caused the device to overcharge and explode, setting the building on fire.

I managed to escape, but my brothers were unlucky and perished in the flames, I never heard from Mother Tueur ever.

~Kanna POV~

I stood next to the sleeping man laying on the couch.

He's really tall.

His legs hung off the couch so much that his feet touched the ground.

"Hey, tall man, I wanna play." I say, poking his cheek.

"Kanna, let him sleep, I'm sure he's exhausted." Miss Kobayashi explained.

"Actually, I really really wanna play too!" The tall man says cheerfully.

"Just let me put my armour on and we can go, small child." The tall man says more seriously.

"I'm not a small child, I'm Kanna." I explain

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