Chapter 26.

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"I'm just trying to feel you out,
I don't wanna scare you away"


The way Harry kisses me back feels like he's trying to suck the life straight from my body, but the explosive emotional moment only last for a few seconds before he pulls away, dancing his eyes over my face like he's trying to translate all the secrets I tried to pour into him with my lips.

I have an inkling in my gut that my feelings for Harry are far more deeply rooted than I'm willing to admit to myself, and I'd like to keep that buried deep inside for now, still not knowing if I can trust him with extending my heart out to him without the fear that he will pull his hands away just I'm about to place it in them.

But I'm hoping my actions are screaming what I know I can't say.

He swallows as he wets his lips, unhooking my arms from around his neck as he pulls them down, dropping one of them as he guides my fingers to trace down his abdomen. I watch holding my breath as my fingertips dragging against his humid skin, dipping and catching on each indent of his taught stomach as it flexes against my touch from his breathing picking up, until they reach the top of his jeans. "I'm not gonna try and have sex with you, okay? This is just about making you comfortable, I just wanna go slow"

He takes my hand by my side again, urging both of my hands to grip the hem of his jeans "Want you to feel confident with me

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He takes my hand by my side again, urging both of my hands to grip the hem of his jeans "Want you to feel confident with me....don't be shy okay? I want you to undo them" he instructs with a low soothing tone.

He's far more composed than I am, I'm gripping onto his jeans like I'm hanging off the ledge of a skyscraper, my brazen actions from earlier kicked out from underneath me the minute the reality of being naked with each other hit me.

I chew on my lip as my uneasy fingers fumble with the button to his jeans, cursing myself in my head at how incompetent I'm being, I'd give anything to have an ounce of the confidence he has, to be so in control in these situations.

"Abby..." he urges gently, as I watch his muscle twitch in his stomach when my fingers graze against his lower abdomen "Look at me"

I lift my eyes to his, and I'm sure he can see the self doubt written all over my face, and he wets his lips again before he speaks "Just focus on me, keep going"

Our eyes stay locked as I manage to slip the button through the hole in the denim hung low on his hips, swallowing as my stressed fingers to his zipper next "Just breathe, keep looking at me" he murmurs, flicking his eyes between my own as I watch his pupils start to expand.

I steady my breaths as I slowly drag his zipper down, and when I go to take my hands away, he holds them there "Pull them down" he urges again, and I watch as his adams apple dips in his throat when he swallows.

The steam filling the room is only adding to the suffocating atmosphere, the air almost feeling too thick to breathe properly.

I muster all the courage I have, hooking my fingers into the waist of his trousers and slowly start urging them down, his hand comes out to stroke his fingers reassuringly against my cheek as I lower myself with them, until I'm crouching down looking up at him as I bring them to pool around his feet.

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