Chapter 12.

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"I think that I want it
It’s all I really need
You say that you want it
Just tell it straight to me"


A loud shrill noise snaps my eyes open and I groan, blinking my eyes to adjust the sleepy blur from them.

I rub them with my thumb and forefinger, trying to wipe the heaviness from them, and wince at the continued ringing.

Harry grumbles in his sleep, burying his head further into the crook of my neck with his arm slumped over me.

I sigh heavily, slowly moving his arm off of me, to which he grumbles again, muttering under his breath and I fight the urge to smile.

I slink out of the bed from under the sheets slowly, padding quickly to where my phone is on top of my clothes, picking it up and quickly swiping to answer it to stop the god awful sound.

"Hello?" I croak, still groggy from sleep.

"Abigail Reed did you just wake up?" my mother's incredulous tone shrieks through the speaker, and I pull the phone from my ear, flinching at the shrill of her voice.

"What time is it?" I ask, squinting around Harry's room to try and see a clock somewhere.

"It's almost midday!" She scolds.

Midday?! My eyes snap wide as I look at Harry in the bed.

How long did we sleep for?

"Sorry" I sigh "I had a late night"

I walk back to the bed, sitting where I had crawled out of moments earlier, and jolt in shock when I feel Harry's arm wrap around my hips as he nuzzles his face against me.

I gawk down at him, flicking my eyes back and forth between his arm and face.

It's almost comical, seeing someone that usually seems like a dangerous cougar curled up against me like a harmless kitten.

"What on earth were you doing? You have responsibilities Abigail, you're an adult, you can not be up until all hours of the night" she says, not at all trying to hide how unimpressed she is.

Actually I'm pretty sure being an adult means I can do that, but whatever.

"I know mother" I mutter, feeling way too drained to deal with her lectures when I haven't even been awake for five minutes.

"Excuse me young lady? You will not use that tone with me" she snaps.

I bite down on my cheek, exhaling a slow breath.

"M'sorry, I just have a headache" I lie, apologising to her like I always do.

"Well have a glass a of water and don't take it out on your poor mother" she scoffs.

"I will" I promise withy shoulders slumping "Sorry again"

Harry groans, lifting his head and squinting up at me with one eye open "Morning" he rasps still half asleep, his voice thick and hoarse.

I grip my phone tighter in my hand, to the point I think I may crush it, shit I forgot how good he sounded when he first woke up.

"Abby? What was that? Is Andy there?" my mother prods, her voice piquing at her usual nosey nature.


Fuck fuck fuck.

Harry rolls onto his back, stretching his arms above his head, and let's out a dramatic yawn that sounds like damn bear.

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