I'm Back & I'm Bad

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(Allégra’s POV)

 Last year showed me that anything could happen. You can go from having it all to nothing in an instance. I saw my friend get pregnant, have an abortion, almost die, go through a horrific breakup and then disappear forever. Then my other friend got breast cancer, have her breasts chopped of, her hair fall out, get dumped and then become an orphan. I took a ride on the emotions rollercoaster last year just to fall flat on my face at the bottom with everyone staring at me. Well that’s how I see it anyway. Without the anchor of my friends here to support me I won’t handle my senior year. I even felt weird just putting on my school uniform for the first time in six weeks. I couldn’t be bothered to find a skirt that actually fit me so I put on one that showed off a little more than just my legs! I used to find our school colours ridiculous. I mean red, white and black. Were we some Satanist cult or something? I decided that without Astrid walking up and down the school hallways in her combat boots, jeans and vibrant hair there was no one left to bend the rules. So I thought about changing my look from prissy, perfect schoolgirl to absolutely swagalicious. I pulled on some black and white striped knee high socks, stepped into my bright red doc martins, rolled up the sleeves of my blazer and accessorized my scarlet locks with a miniature black top hat. I looked like a ridiculous, steam-punk wannabee but if I didn’t say so myself, I looked damn sexy!


Long story short I ended up in detention. It turns out that the school had decided to really crack down on uniform this year, which I find kind of ironic considering that they still haven’t cracked down on the use of crack at my school. When I walked into the school gates this morning I saw people absolutely stoned and dropping their empty cigarette packets on the ground however they were wearing their school uniform with pride so of course the teachers didn’t notice them sniffing marijuana near the water fountain. I thought to myself if I was going to start the year off in detention then I might as well go all rebel on year 12.

After first half of lunch I realized that detention was the most boring thing ever. I don’t know how people can handle it! You’re not allowed to do anything you just have to sit at a desk staring straight ahead of you for an hour. The ticking of the clock was starting to give me a migraine when a sharp rapping came from the other side of the door. The stoner History teacher who voluntarily takes detention every single day woke up from his slumber and dragged his feet along the floor until he arrived at the door. He sluggishly opened it only to see the principle glaring at him while dragging a tough looking senior by his pierced ear lobe. Damn he was hot. But I would never date a bad boy even though I’d sort of gone bad myself.

“This boy has been causing trouble since the moment he came to this school but this is just unacceptable,” the principle quipped.

“What did he do wear socks with sandals,” I snorted completely forgetting how much trouble I’d be in.

“I’ll get to you later miss rebellion. This boy filled all of the teachers’ lockers with dog feces and then welded the doors shut so we couldn’t remove it and now half the school is in lock down. Then he filled the sprinkler system with urine and turned them on so now everyone is covered in the stuff including me. And don’t even get me started on how he mixed the cafeteria food with actual vomit and three month old stinky cheese,” she scolded. I honestly couldn’t help but laugh. She then slammed the door leaving me with Mr. Bad Boy and a passed out History teacher who literally belongs in the Stone Age.   

“Hey Ali, I didn’t now that you were into the whole rebellious thing,” the boy said in a sooth, seducing yet still charming voice. It was only then that I realized I know this kid.

“What on earth happened to you..."

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