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"A little pain in my heart

Just won't let me be
Wake up restless nights
Lord, and I can't even sleep"

Song: Pain In My Heart - Otis Redding



This chapter involves discussion of violence, hate crimes, slurs and sensitive topics.

I'm being dead serious here.

I'm being dead serious here

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Harry's P.O.V.

Finn motions for the waitress to come over, and orders both of us a beer, sliding mine over the table to me when she brings them back to our table.

"Has Joey ever spoken to you much about her past?" Finn takes a swig of his beer and rests his elbows on the table.

I lean back in my chair, twisting the beer bottle between my fingers on the table "Not much, she mentioned her mum but she doesn't talk about it very often"

Finns brows raise in surprise "She told you about her mum?"

I wonder why he looks so surprised "Yeah, why? I think it was like the third day after we met I spent her mums birthday with her"

Finn is staring at me like I just told him the sky was green "This is worse than I thought, you have no idea how big of a deal that is do you?"

I frown, not understanding "No? What, that she told me about her mum?"

"That she even mentioned her mother to you, Joey never talks about her, it took her a good two years to even mention it to Dylan" he replies still looking like he's about to fall off his chair.

My brows crease deeper, trying to comprehend what he's saying "I didn't really think it was that big of a deal - wait that sounded bad, I mean I didn't realise it was that serious"

Finn points his beer bottle at me, before he takes a sip "That's because you're all beauty and no brains"

I pick up a piece of lettuce, tossing it at him "Shut up dick head"

Finn screws his face up in disgust, flicking the lettuce that landed in front of him away "Get that disgusting green shit away from me"

I smirk, rolling my eyes. Finn has an aversion to anything remotely healthy, he acts like you're trying to poison him unless it's deep fried or has cheese on it.

Can't relate.

"Has Joey spoken to you about her dad?" he asks, continuing to sip on his beer.

"I heard her talking to him on the phone, and he's coming here this month but that's about all I know" I explain, trying not to think about the nerves in the pit of my gut over meeting him.

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