Chapter 11.

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"If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?"


I chew on my lip, lost on words. My brows only crease deeper the more I replay Harry's warning around in my head. The whole thing has given me a horrible feeling in the pit of my gut.

Harry reaches over, smoothing his thumb over  the crease between my brows "Dont think so hard, you'll hurt yourself sweetheart"

I scowl at him swatting his hand away "Oh shut up you"

"Why don't you make me? I know I'd love you to" he smirks.

I give him a flat stare "You can be a real dick you know that?"

A wide smug smile comes over those perfect lips of his "If I remember correctly, you were pretty fond of my dick, so I guess I'll take the compliment"

My cheeks heat as I try to keep my deadpan expression from faltering "You're not funny"

"I wasn't joking"

I huff, slumping back against the couch.

The dynamic I have with Harry is so fucking strange and unlike anything I've had with another person, I don't even know what to call it.

He said we aren't friends, he doesn't care about me, and we aren't dating or sleeping together, regardless of how bloody hard he's trying to change that - so I'm lost as to what this relationship with him is.

I'm lost in general with him.

Tonight as been one confusing turn after the next, and I just can't keep up with it. I'm use to things being simple, predictable, safe. It's been the polar opposite of that since he opened the door.

I'm the one who's going to need a stiff drink after this.

I look around the lounge room lost in my thoughts until my eyes land on the wall of VHS tapes, and I can't help but ask curiously "What's on all of those tapes?"

I look back to Harry, seeing his expression dropped into a passive mask and his body become tense "Nothing important"


I raise my brows suspiciously "That sure is a lot of not important tapes"

His face is blank as he stands from the couch, looking down to me and extending his hand "Let's go to bed"

The tapes completely wipe from my mind as my eyes go wide "What?"

He motions his head to the hallway "My room is this way, let's go"

"I'm not sleeping in your bed" I agrue out incredulously.

He raises a brow, keeping his hand extended "And where were you planning on sleeping?"

I pause, thinking for a moment, realising I hadn't actually thought that far ahead.

I was too concerned with everything else going on that, that idea hadn't even crossed my mind.

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