Thank you

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"I don't know how to thank you, Lin." I tell her as she places a sleeping Mila on her new crib.

"You can thank me by calling me everytime this adorable girl needs me. I did not know you were into this lifestyle." She smiles at me.

"It's been only five days.. It was all going good, I mean before she fell today.. And she wasn't letting me go near her bleeding mouth.."

"I understand.. She was deep in her littlespace."

"Yes, it was for the first time in all these days." I smile.

"She'll be fine though, won't she? I have never in all the years I have known her see her cry this much. Ever. She hardly ever sheds tears and when she does it's over real quick. I got scared.. " I admit.

She laughs "Get used to all the crying now. People who don't express enough often are able to do so when in their headspace."

"Would you like some coffee? Beer? Anything?"

"Nope, thank you. You look so exhausted. Go get some rest.. I will catch you guys later?"

"Thanks ya.. I don't know what would have I done without you."

She smiles and leaves.

I am exhausted and fall on the bed but I can't sleep. I am making a mental list of all the do's and dont's.

Do's and dont's
1) Don't tell them I told you so.
2) Don't scold them while they are hurting.
3) Be more patient.
4) Don't have a scary look on your face, that scares my baby all the more.
5) Don't expect them to tell you what's the problem, where they are hurting or what's wrong. Find that out on your own.
6) Be firm but gentle when you want to make them do something.

I pick Mila up and bring her to my room from her new crib. I go downstairs to make her a bottle of warm milk. I feed her the milk and then fall asleep by her side 💖

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