Smooth Sailing | ✓ by papersplanes
Smooth Sailing | ✓by jamilah
❝"Are you deaf?" "No," he shook his head, shrugging. "But I am blind."❞ *** MEET LILA: A perfectionist a...
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El aroma de la oscuridad - CAMREN G!P [La llamada de la oscuridad Saga #1] by spiritualtopping
El aroma de la oscuridad - Spiritual Topping
∆ADAPTACION DE LA HISTORIA EL AROMA DE LA OSCURIDAD DE CHRISTINA DODD∆ LAUREN G!P. Camila Cabello, es una secretaria bastante inexperta con un físico bastante normalito...
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Adopted by fifth harmony/Camren  by VioletandTate01
Adopted by fifth harmony/Camren by VioletandTate01
Haileigh is 10 years old, almost 11; she has been in the orphanage since she was 5. The care takers are shit & she's constantly being but down. When she runs away becaus...
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Thinking About Perfect Love (Camren) Parte 3. by FeelsCamrenxWarmi
Thinking About Perfect Love ( FeelsCamrenxWarmiAlways {Marí...
Sinopsis Más de 13 años después volvemos a encontrarnos con la familia Jauregui-Cabello, muchos cambios, muchas novedades y muchos problemas siguen rodeando a esta fami...
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YAMS Season 2by Liora Wijaya Zhang
In family life love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that bring harmony ♥
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Esto no es asi (Viktor x Tú) by YessiDiaz207
Esto no es asi (Viktor x Tú)by Onodera Ritsu
"¿En verdad piensas que estoy enamorada? si es así deberías de dejar de ser tan confiado, tú un maldito imbécil rondando por doquier y con cualquiera, pero aun asi...
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The tides: Otayuri Fanfic  by Laurelbae202
The tides: Otayuri Fanfic by Anime_Gal
{ COMPLETED } Otabek longs for something more then what his parents want him to do. He wants to venture out to sea with the person he loves and spend the rest of his lif...
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AnGeL → evan peters by linasparks
AnGeL → evan petersby <3
❝ BASICALLY I LOVE ALL THE ANGELS EXCEPT YOU! ❞ linaparks original story © 2018 | social media eva...
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Camz? » Camren by AwhChickenzzz
Camz? » Camrenby AwhChickenzzz
"Camz look at the puppies" "Camz you really are beautiful" "Oh my god Camz!" "I love you Camz" "I trust you Camz" "...
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blame {f. wolfhard} by -flowermena-
blame {f. wolfhard}by —ximena—
"remember when i punched that boy in the face for you here?" finn's faded voice spoke "yeah" jackie sighed, a single tear falling from her eye...
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Yuri on Ice Titanic AU by Clovesstory
Yuri on Ice Titanic AUby Clovesstory
I really wanted to write this, it's similar to Rose and Jack's story but I gave it my own twists. There will be violence and deaths. Who will live and who won't.... I do...
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Tentang Kita by citzstories
Tentang Kitaby citzstories
Ketika Hidup memberikan banyak warna. Entah itu warna bahagia ataupun duka. Kisah ini menceritakan tentang dua orang yang dipisahkan oleh keadaan. Namun dipersatukan kem...
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Urmila and the Unwanted Guest  by sathu98
Urmila and the Unwanted Guest by Sathurshini
Urmila comes across her ex-lover #241 in HISTORICAL FICTION as at 5.12.2016 #577 in HISTORICAL FICTION as at 12.12.2016 #303 in HISTORICAL FICTION as at 30.12.2016 Discl...
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Lauren Jauregui Imagines by L-Jaguar28
Lauren Jauregui Imaginesby L-Jagaur28
Who wouldn't want to date Lauren Jauregui? Planet green eyes💚 and badass babe❤
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Exes by they_call_me_giggles
Exesby Maya :)
A poem that made me cry.
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Camila Cabello Wallpaper by CV_1sbae
Camila Cabello Wallpaperby CV_1sbae
Basically something that'll have super slow updates, but when I do, be ready for me to spam your phone/or computer. Basically, when I can't sleep or school be killing m...
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Don't say you love me (Camren) by FeelsCamrenxWarmi
Don't say you love me (Camren)by FeelsCamrenxWarmiAlways {Marí...
Lauren Jauregui y Camila cabello... ¿Quién ganará esta estúpida guerra de amor?
  • normanikordei
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my life is a beauty by beanbyeol
my life is a beautyby bennie ♡
just me and my random shits. published: 160321 completed: 170322
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Voor eens en voor altijd by ghost__rockers
Voor eens en voor altijdby Ellen Vandenberghe
5 jongeren belanden op het DAM en al snel beleven ze de spannendste avonturen... Maar ze worden ook verliefd. Lees hier hun avonturen Veel leesplezier!
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||Yuri on ice||One shots by xStarxBoyx
||Yuri on ice||One shotsby ~StärxBöy~
Just some spicy one shots of all your favorite Yuri!!! On Ice characters &I all your favorite ships~~ ||Mature content|| Contains; smut,lemon,fluff and all that jazz ((...
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