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One second I look at Mila run away and the next second she falls face flat and starts crying. I run to her and pick her up. Her lips is bleeding. Fuck.
"Shh.. It's okay.. I got you.. I told you not to run!" I scold her mildly and then I feel foolish.

"Open your mouth. Show me.. " She hits my face. She is bawling. Oh freak.

I take her to the washroom and rinse her mouth but she is screaming and crying in my arms and not letting me so much as touch her face also.

"What's hurting babygirl? Tell me where are you hurt?" She just cries.

Her feet is swelling and going a shade of green and I am scared.

"Daddy! It's hurting... I-its h-hurting so b-bad.. " she is crying but not letting me touch her face. Each time I try she pushes back and holds my hand and turns her face.

Oh my heart.

I grab my phone and call the first person that comes to my mind.

I call Linda.

I babble something and she thankfully says she understands and will come over in ten.

She is our neighbor and into Mdlb. Although she has not had a little for quiet sometime now. She is looking for a serious relationship and is not into casual dating and flings for now.

I am still trying to calm Mila down and get a look inside her mouth to see if she has broken a teeth or something but in vain, when she walks in the bathroom.


"No.. D-daddyyyy... " Mila screams when I move aside. I hold her hand but shift and make space for Lin.

"Hush! Your daddy is right here, okay? Now let's have a look at you." She tells her firmly and I smile at her.

She makes her wash her mouth with water and looks inside her mouth to make sure that she has not broken her teeth or cut her gums. I am gently holding her hands keeping them out of the way.

She holds a napkin on her lips. "Hold this for me, will ya?" I hold the napkin and she makes grabby hands towards me, still crying.

"No, no. Daddy cannot hold you yet babygirl. We will have to first get you out of your clothes and see what is hurting you."

Linda opens her clothes and takes a stock of her injuries. Both her knees and her left feet is hurt.

I am absorbing everything she is doing with rapt attention. Learning, taking lessons.

"Hush.. Shh.. I know baby.. I know.. We will make it alright, okay? Don't cry my  baby. It's okay.. " I rub her back. Linda smiles at her kindly.

"Can you get me an ice pack real quick? And your first aid box?"

"In two seconds" I leave Mila's hands forcefully and go to get the things.

"Now sit on that chair." I sit and Linda places Mila on my laps. "Hold her hands out the way, like this.. And put her legs in between yours.. Nope.. Yes.. Just like that.. "

She sits on the carpet and puts the ice pack on her knees and feet.

"I know.. Shh.. It's okay.. I know baby... I'm sorry. I am so sorry darling.. " Linda tells Mila.

I can see the swelling go down. She then takes out a bandage.

"She's gonna cry, okay? Wipe that look off your face. You're making it worse for her." Linda scolds me.

"Two minutes and then we will be good to go.. Such a brave little baby we have here.. Such a brave girl.. On my..  Daddy will be so proud of you." She coos at her.

She wraps up her bandage with deft, practiced hands. I look at her in awe while trying to console Mila. I have never seen her cry this much in all the years I have known her. Never.

"All done, all done baby." I hug her.
"So much tears... It's okay.. You good now.. "

"Umm.. I know that it's too much to ask.. But if you don't mind, can I breastfeed her? She is adorable.. " Linda asks me slightly embarrassed.

"I.. I guess yes... "

"Thank you. If she doesn't like it I will stop, you know that right? I won't force her into it if she doesn't like it.. "

She smiles and extends her hands and I give a reluctant Mila into her arms.

"Shhh.. It's okay... I know.. I know.. You're hungry baby.. I know.."

She takes her into her arms tightly and settles on the bed before she puts her breast into Mila's mouth. She resists for a minute, wanting to come back into my arms but then slowly starts sucking on to her breasts and before we know it she has fallen asleep.

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