Chapter 4

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"Honey, this really isn't a good idea, have you heard about this place?" Andy says apprehensively, adjusting his red sweater.

"I've been there once before" I try to reassure him, concentrating on making sure I don't snap an ankle walking in these heels.

"Why would you ever go somewhere like that?" he asks incredulously.

I try tugging down the hem of my white skirt, but the damn thing keeps riding up my thighs, I don't even know what possessed me to wear this outfit.

Oh right, it was Harry.

"I went with Sophie a few years ago, that's where I met my friend" I explain, adjusting my camera strap on my shoulder as we continue the short walk to the club from the taxi rank.

"Is Sophie going to be there tonight?" he asks, and even though he masks it well, I still pick up on the distasteful tone in his voice.

He's never really liked my friendship with Sophie, he calls her a bad influence.

"She said she might be" I give him a tight smile, trying to hide my irritation.

He let's out a heavy sigh "Wonderful, so who is this guy anyway, you've never mentioned him before today"

"Just an old friend I met when I first moved here, we hadn't seen each other again until today" I say vaguely, almost feeling I'm adopting Harry's mannerisms for answering questions.

I feel guilty leaving out the big details about who Harry is, or how I actually know him. Andy would have never agreed to let me come tonight if he ever found out I'd had a one night stand with him, Andy thinks they're abhorrent.

But Harry is just a friend now, if you could call it that, more so an acquaintance, I don't plan I pursuing a relationship with him further than tonight.

Having Harry in my life seems like playing with fire, and I'm not the type of person for that.

Andy frowns a slightly "If he's someone that spends time at places like that, I don't think it's a good idea to start that friendship again"

"I wasn't planning on it, he just needed me to take photos tonight"

Andy shoves his hands into his jeans, keeping his frown "I still don't see why"

I halt my steps, looking over to him, slightly hurt "Do you not think I could get paid to take photos?"

Andy gives me a sympathetic smile, resting his hands on my shoulders "Oh no sweetheart, that's not what I meant at all. But photography isn't something we planned on you doing, remember?"

"But what if I could though? Maybe I could actually do it as a job" I ask timidly, shrugging my shoulders slightly.

Andy sighs, rubbing his hands up and down my bare arms "It's a good hobby dear, but it's not what we talked about you doing, we should stick to that okay? You'll be fantastic at my dads firm"

I press my lips together, giving him a resigned nod, deciding not to push the subject further.

I could point out he decided all of that, not me.

I could point out that I have absolutely no desire to be a receptionist at his father's firm.

I could do a lot of things, but instead I just stay quiet, it's easier to just stick to his plan, that way I don't have to worry about the future.

It's already laid out for me.

Andy wraps his hand around my waste, turning us to keep walking and he gives me a disapproving once over with his eyes "I still don't think that outfit is very appropriate honey, especially for a place like this, think of all the low lifes there and what they'll be thinking about you"

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