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Emeliano's POV

"Fire all of them!"

My voice was audible enough for all the men in my office to hear, I could see that they were all shivering and scared. That's exactly what my presence does to people.

Some people. A voice in my head echoed, and so help me god, that voice was speaking the truth... Rebecca Lewis, the daughter of that scumbag who I loathe so much.

I had to admit, at first when I saw Rebecca, I thought she was Her, the striking resemblance of those two still baffled till this day... Any time I looked at Rebecca, I saw the eyes of the woman who captured my heart in her hands and squeezed it till it was moist.

The woman who I almost sacrificed everything for.

The woman who still had my heart in her palms.

Yesterday, when Rebecca stood up to me,  I saw the same fire in her eyes, I saw the same attitude, not exactly the same though- Rebecca was more meek than Her.

But still, I can't help but see her in Rebecca... I guess I still held a grudge on the Lewis's and that was why I was taking it out on the poor church girl...

I looked up on Rebecca Lewis, every single little thing about her. I knew that Raphael had another daughter, but I've never met her.

I knew holding Rebecca down was not entirely necessary, but I don't know why I did it, all I wanted was revenge, all I wanted was to see Raphael beg to get his daughter back, all I wanted was to punish the both of them, by making Rebecca suffer.

The poor girl shouldn't have gotten down from that friggin taxi, now she'll have to pay for the sins of her loved ones.

I'll go through with my punishments, I'll make sure Rebecca Lewis lose all the pride in her, I'll break her family by breaking her.

But what if they don't really care about her? Wouldn't that be unjust?


It doesn't matter, all that matters is that I would finally get my revenge and it would be a smooth one.


She'll never see it coming, she broke my heart into thousands of tiny pieces that was difficult to pick up... She destroyed me, made me cut all ties with my family- she used me, but now, now I'll get my final payback.

"Sir, are you alright?"

Taking her father's company wasn't enough, this time- this time I would take revenge on his daughter- I'll make sure he doesn't do shit about it!


Rebecca Lewis, there was something different about her, something challenging, I knew it wouldn't be easy to endure these 14 days with her, but I also know her in a kind of way, she was a church girl, the kind who believed in -marriage- before- sex... She was a kind of girl who wouldn't let anyone over ride her, she was strong willed and determined- but that was all on the outside...

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