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Character Information : Haley

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Name (First, Last): Haley Myers

Alias (First, Last): Heirii, Meiryu

Meaning (First, Last): Hay Meadow, Dancing Dragon

Nicknames: Hei-Kun, Hei-Ryu (Ash Dragon), Hales

Age/ Birthday: 15/ June 27 (Younger than Okumura twins)

Family: Mom (Had her memories erased), Dad (Left when she was 4),

Hair: Light Brown, chest length

Eyes: Dark Brown, almost Black

Height: 5’5’’

Weight: 120lbs

Picture to the Side: >>>>>>>

Personality: Friendly, goofy, occasionally serious, wise, caring, knows how to kick @$$.

Likes: Sweets, anime and manga, animals (especially hamsters), cosplaying, music, gory movies,

Hates: Annoying kids, loud people, whores,

Bio: Haley is a cosplay fanatic. She loves to snack and read anime. Unable to go long without a computer or her fan-fictions, she tends to get crabby if she goes too long without internet. Haley is actually a human who has nothing to do Blue Exorcist except for the fact she’s a fan of the anime. But when she goes to an Anime Convention with her mom, she runs into Mephisto and is kidnapped to True Cross Academy while her mom’s memory is completely erased of her. When she gets tossed into Mephisto’s long pink limo, Haley has lots of questions. (Most of them are answered in the prologue).

Status: Page… (Same class as Rin Okumura)

Powers: None…. DX

Weapons: Guns, Swords, Wire Gloves (Like Hei, Darker than Black), Axe, Dragon’s Fang (gift from Satan),

Love Interest: Mephisto Pheles (Johann Kraust 5th)

Themes: Every Time We Touch-Cascada, Things Left Unsaid-Disciple, Hot Mess-Cobra Starships,

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