Character Information : Samantha

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Name (First, Last): Samantha, Watson

Alias (First, Last): Samansa, Raikoho

Meaning (First, Last): Samantha, Lightning Cannon

Nicknames: Sam, Sami, Sam-Chan

Age/ Birthday: 15/ August 5th

Family: Mom,

Hair: Dark Brown, Mid-Back

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: 118lbs

Personality: Friendly, motherly, cat-like, overly nice to new people, logical,

Likes: Anime, manga, scary movies, music, candy,

Hates: Loud noises, sunlight, being taken advantage of,

Bio: Samantha, Daniela and Haley met in 7th Grade. She is the youngest of the trio and they have been friends ever since. Sam tends to be a bit cat-like and wants to be petted on occasions… her intentions are always good, and she is never seen being a bad girl. But that doesn’t mean she’s completely innocent. Being on Sam’s good side means you’re least likely to get hit in cross fire, but if you’re the type who pisses people off, you’re most likely going to be killed by her favored Chucky doll… It watches over her while she sleeps…

Status: Page (Same as Haley…)

Powers: None, she’s a human… Well, she can tell when people are pissed off…

Weapons: Sword, she will keel you in one swish…., Lightning from an Angered Angel (gift from Satan),

Love Interest: Yukio Okumura

Themes: Any and ALL Vocaloids Songs, Lost and Lonely-The Rasmus,

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