Chp. 1 : Rin Okumura & Haley's Private Sleepover...

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***Daniela’s POV***

This is possibly one of the BEST days I’ve ever had. But, I can’t admit that out loud. Haley’s depressed about her mom, and Sam’s pissed at the fact her mom won’t even remember her. Life’s a bitch, I suppose. But I still don’t care. I don’t really care that I was taken, or the fact my mom got her memories of me erased. I just don’t… maybe it’s because I’m still mad she didn’t get me any pizza… or the fact she never let me have a dog. Dudes, I can go on for days~!

‘Oh well…’ I thought, glancing over to where Samantha was doodling in a sketchbook she had in her coat. Turning my gaze over to Haley, I almost laughed at the sight before me. Haley was sleeping on the back with one of her arms over her face while the other was hanging off the seat. Her mouth was open slightly, giving her a cute look as she slept. Mephisto, being the pervert I didn’t realize he was, laid on her stomach, his back legs stretched to the sides as if he was sitting on her lap, while his front paws were just grazing her chest.

“Pervert…” I muttered, pulling out my camera and taking a quick picture. I would’ve taken one with my phone, but I shattered it, not seeing a point to it anymore. Mephisto agreed with me and broke Haley’s phone too, which she left in her mom’s pocket. Sam was upset, but after I told her it was refreshing and that she should try it, she tried it on her own phone, making her even more upset realizing it was her phone she broke.

“Hey Sam? Look.” I called over to her quietly. She glanced up for a moment before bursting into laughter, all causing Haley to jump and look up at us.

“What the Barrel, you two?” she asked before looking down at her chest where Mephisto was still sleeping, perfectly content.

“3… 2… 1-…” I counted down in amusement.

“YOU FUCKING ASS-HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, throwing him to the other side of the limo. He woke up half way through the air and spun around, landing safely on his feet.

“Ahahahahahahaha~! She broke her Barrel streak!” Sam laughed with tears in her eyes.

“STFU!!!! You Bastard!!!! How dare you take advantage of me while I sleep?!?!?!?!?!?!” she yelled throwing random objects at the dog-formed Mephisto. Somewhere along the way she threw a box of Pocky and a piece of cake. Dafuq…

“But I was asleep~!” he threw back as he jumped around, avoiding being hit by whatever she threw at him.

“Have any wet dreams?” Sam asked with a smirk.

“Well, since you asked-.” Haley slammed a randomly found umbrella on his head, making him fall onto his side holding his head.

“You had better not.” She hissed in an eerie manor.

“Oh look, we’re here~!” he sang, pointing randomly at the window. Giving a final glare, she poked her head over the seat to look out the window where tall buildings where sprouting up as if they were trees on a hill.

“Dudes, he’s right.” She said as Sam and I followed her to the window. Mephisto pushed it and stood next to Haley and gazed out the glass as well.

“How’d we get to Japan so quickly?” I asked curiously.

“Magic, Dani…. Magic~!” Haley sang tiredly, obviously still mad at Mephisto.

“Cram school hasn’t even started yet, so you can wait for tomorrow for it to start.” Mephisto told us calmly as he jumped onto Haley’s shoulder. She growled and tossed him off as if it was nothing, but he only came back. What a Barrel….

“Little Goblins come tomorrow? Kool~!” Sam laughed. Haley ignored her and started to glare at Mephisto while I watched as she yelled at him.

“Get off!” she shouted.

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