Prologue : Kidnapped For Cosplaying

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***Haley’s POV***

“Thanks for bringing me here, Mom.” I said as I bounced around her.

“Heh… Just make sure you have your phone on vibrate.” She reminded me as I saluted. This was my very first convention and I had already taken 29 pictures of random cosplayers.

“Dis bee AWESOME~~~~~!!!!!” I shouted as I hopped away. Right now, I was cosplaying as an exorcist for the anime Blue Exorcist. My mom was cosplaying as a paranoid mother from the fake anime called ‘I Have a Teenage Daughter’… She’s playing her part quite well. Turning around a booth, I froze in my place…

‘Oh Barrel… you didn’t betray me….’ I thought as I gapped at the perfect cosplay of Mephisto Pheles from Blue Exorcist.

“Mephisto-Sama~!” I called as I waved happily. The man turned to me and gave me an impish grin. One that could put all other ‘Mephisto’ cosplayers to shame. The women who were surrounding him (mainly ‘heavy’ Shuras’) glared at me as they saw my slim figure bounce over to the man.

“Who’re you supposed to be, Little Bitch?” the fattest one asked. I frowned at her in disgust.

“Who are you supposed to be?” I mocked, not caring that she was basically 8 times my size. She took a step closer making me take a step back to avoid her 7th chin touching me.

“I’m Shura obviously.” She snarled. I almost gagged, as did the ‘Mephisto’ cosplayer.

“Really….? I couldn’t tell.” I told her, choking on laughter.

“Little Bitch!!!” she screeched as she lunged towards me. Side stepping calmly, I watched in amusement as the lady slammed into a booth filled with Vampire Knight plushies.

“Neeeewww! Wild-Kun~?! Live!!!!” I cried, picking up a random Kain doll. I sighed, tossing it aside soon after.

“What a fitting ending. Time to go~!” the Mephisto cosplayer sang as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from the group of Shuras’.

“Hey~~~?!?!?!” the Shuras’ yelled together as we hightailed it into another section of the convention. Once we were away from any chaos, we slid ourselves down the wall next to a water fountain, many people sending us funny looks.

“What are you looking at? A couple of Fabulous Cosplayers! That’s what! Beat it!!!” I shouted as I fell onto my side.

“Hahahahahaha heeheeheeheeheeheehee hohohohohohohoho bwhahahahaa! That was funny!” the man laughed holding his stomach.

“Sorry, Mephisto-Sama… You were probably with some of those girls earlier.” The man looked down at me and chuckled.

“No. You actually saved me from having to take pictures with them. Now, what are you supposed to be?” he asked, poking me in the forehead as I stood up.

“Huh? Oh, I’m just a clergyman. I have no character. I would’ve cosplay Fem-Rin but I’m not good in short clothing…” I told Mephisto as I looked down at my black slacks. This only caused him to laugh again though.

“I think you would look better than those other girls if you dressed as Shura.” He told me, sending me another impish grin, obviously looking down at my C+ chest.

“Heh, no~. Not a chance, Mephisto-Sama.” I said standing. “My name is Haley, I’m 15.” I introduced myself, putting my hand out slightly. Taking my hand and giving a grand flourish of his white and purple cape, the man kissed my hand, causing blood to rise to my face.

“My name is Johann Faust the Fifth. My age… Unimportant.” He hosted, giving me a chilling grin. I laughed slightly.

“The same person~!” I sang as I wagged my finger in his face. “Hardly possible, Sir Pheles.” I stated.

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