Character Information : Daniela

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Name (First, Last): Daniela Snow

Alias (First, Last): Daniiru Yuki

Meaning (First, Last): Daniela Snow

Nicknames: Fuyu-Chan, Dani, Dani-Kun

Age/ Birthday: 15/ October 3rd (Older than Okumura twins)

Family: Mom,

Hair: Black, Shoulder Length,

Eyes: Dark Brown (Almost Black)

Height: 5’3 ½’’

Weight: 119lbs

Personality: Friendly, has a ‘Mother-Fucker I’m Awesome’ aura, pretty chill,

Likes: Candy, anime, manga, Homestuck (favorite anime), pizza,

Hates: Losing, bitches, sluts, whores, mornings, water…

Bio: Daniela is the oldest of the trio and tends be a boss. She’s not one for leading people around and is more of a follower (like Haley). Haley and Daniela both tend to follow what Samantha does because their options are just so weird and not worth the risk. Dani is also a lover of Homestuck and is currently obsessed with Nepeda. She also has a fetish for guys with long hair... >.>

Status: Page (Same as Others…)

Powers: None, PERIOD!!!!

Weapons: Gun, she’s always wanted a gun…., Snow Demon Tear (gift from Satan),

Love Interest: Arthur Auguste Angel (he needs some love…)

Themes: I’m Awesome-Spose,

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