Drunk Bird

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a couple of weeks passed, Nareesha became a permanent member of their group in this time, never leaving Siva's side. They started doing gigs again. "I can't believe she's still hanging around." Jade said.

"i just want to punch her in the face for having enough nerve to be here." Rose said.

"I can't believe Siva though, it's so unlike him." June said.

"well see it from his eyes. she hurt him too you know." April said.

" But he told her he knew what he was signing up for. The not being able to communicate, not being able to say goodbye sometimes." Rose said. Nareesha walks up to them.

"Hey girls! Lets go shopping later." she says to them. they all look at her, then at each other.

"Sure." April fakes a smile at her. she smiles back then walks away.

"can i please hit her? just once?" Rose begs June.

"no Rose, even though we all want to." June says.

" Damn it!" she says as Jay and Tom walk over

"hey tom and i are going out are you girls going to be okay?" Jay says.

"Where are you going?" June asks as she goes over to Tom and wraps her arms around him.

"just out to the bar." Jay says. Tom kisses June.

"Don't worry, we'll get a cab if things get out of hand." Tom says.

"Be safe Jay." April whispers to him. Jay smiles at her then kisses her.

"i will. i love you April."

"I love you too Jay. more then you know."  she said as he and Tom left.

" im worried about them" June sighed.

"Why? they do this all the time?"

"Yeah, with us, most of the time. I probably worry too much."

"you do." Jade said.

"let's go get ready before the bitch comes in again and reminds us" Rose mumbled

" be nice." April says. the girls go get ready, they can't help but notice Artemis's bags in the corner of the room.

"she left so fast she didn't take any of her things." Jade said.

" that's the way things work I guess." June sighed.

"how offten do you think she'll leave like this?" Jade asked.

"it all depends. hopefully she'll be back soon." Rose said.

"just imagine what will happen when she sees, that." Jade says pointing to Siva and Nareesha laughing.

"She'll grab her gun." June said, making all the other girls laugh.

*at the bar*

"how many beers was that Jay?" Tom asks with a slight slur.

"i dont know." jay mumbles

"i lost count after 12" Tom said. the bartender comes over, she's wearing a name tag that reads Elaine.

"Can I get you boys anything else?" Elaine asked?

"no love we're good. probably should get home." Tom said standing up.

"I think I'll hang around here for a bit, Tom. I'll call you later."

" you sure mate?"

"yes sir!" jay said almost falling off his seat.

"you're really drunk, Jay. You should come home."

" i promise i'll call a cab. go home Tom."

" don't do anything you'll regret" Tom said clapping Jay on the shoulder. Tom leaves, the next morning April is reading a newspaper, curled up in a ball, her head resting on her knees.

"whats wrong?" June asks.

April just hands her the paper. theres a picture of Jay and a brunette girl leaving the bar and an article says 'Jay McGuiness from The Wanted was spotted leaving the bar with a girl early this morning. band mate Thomas Parker had been sighted leaving earlier in the night. is Jay cheating on his girlfriend, April?' June calls for Tom, who was passed out on the couch

"what's wrong?" Tom asks her. rubbing his eyes.

"why didn't you bring Jay home last night?"

"I didn't know that was my responsibility. He insisted he stayed, and I didn't feel like dragging his drunk self out of there."

"well this is why he stayed." she shows Tom the paper. He quickly reads over it and then looks at April who's curled up on the love seat.

"Apirl, im so sorry sweetie." he whispers and she doesn't respond.

"when you go out, we expect you to take care of each other. when Jay didn't come home at all, and now we find this. it's disappointing Tom." June says.

" he's a grown ass man! hes not my son!"

" don't yell at me Thomas."

"you're blaming me for he's mistakes."

"I'm not blaming you!! I just thought you'd know that when you go out, we expect you guys to come home. You have no idea what this has done to April."

"and im sorry she's hurting but like i said hes not my son. hes a grown man. i did come home."

"i know, and that makes me so happy. but still. if we had been with you, there wouldn't have been this problem." June says with her eyes on the floor. Tom can sense the jealousy.

"we didnt take you because we though you girls would enjoy some time together but next time we'll all go together"

"well, I'm going to go find him. cuz his ass is in so much trouble." she gets up and walks to the front door, when she opens it, she sees Jay sleeping on the porch. April's eyes get huge. "WHAT THE HELL!" Tom and June get up and see what April was shouting about.

"found him.." April kicks him lightly in the back

"Get up James." Jay groans and rolls over

"five more minutes."

"Don't give me that shit!" Jay turns his head and looks up.

"Why am i outside?" then he looks at April's face. "Why have you been crying?" he puts his hands to his head. "i'm so confused." she throws the newspaper at him. he takes it and sits up to read it. when hes done he looks up at her. "April, use your brain love. do you think i'd do this?"

"you were drunk, and you didn't come home, well I guess I should say inside. and then this article. what was I supposed to think, Jay. and you smell like you've slept outside."

"thats cuz i did. i stayed after Tom left to think. just to think and soon the bar close and of course the bar tender is last to leave and she drove me home. i passed out before i could get to the door i guess and i called tom, nath and max but no one answered." Jay says and tom pulls out his phone and sees two missed calls from 'Bird'.

"that's a good story.." April says rolling her eyes. Jay looks up at her.

"you dont believe me?"

"Jay, all the evidence is against you."

" so you believe everything you read then?"

"no, I believe pictures, you were holding hands, and too close for my taste, especially for someone who was being driven home."

"have you ever been so drunk you couldnt stand? but you know what if you dont believe me that fine April. im ashamed to know you think i'd cheat on you." he says, getting up and getting into his car. April calls for him to come back but he drives off. April turns and walks back into the house. June goes after her.

"Why cant i ever do anything right?..." April whispers before she begins to cry. June wraps her arms around her twin and just rocks her back and forth.

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