Dinner With The Inuzuka's

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When we reached Kiba's house Akamaru jumped off his head to go play with the other dogs; meanwhile, Tiger was hiding on the roof.

"Hey mom we're home!" Kiba called.

"About time your home. Hi, your Yumi right?" Ms. Inuzuka asked.

"Yes Mam" I replied politely.

"Well dinner is on the table" she said eyeing Kiba and Hana. We sat down, and Ms. Inuzuka dishd up a plate for me.

"So Yumi hows training going?" Ms. Inuzuka asked.

"Good, did good today beating Sasuke and Naruto" I said grinning. 'and I was totaly awesome!' I thought.

"You beat Kiba in sparring and in the chunin exams didn't you?" Hana asked. Kiba groaned and I grinned.

"Sure did" I said smirking and looked at Kiba.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah what ever. Will beat you though eventualy" Kiba said with a mouth full of pork.

"Kiba! Close your mouth" his mother snapped. He grumbled something his mother didn't hear. There was a brief silence until Ms. Inuzuka asked something, "How did the last part of the exams go?" she asked.

Mrs. Inuzuka (Kiba's Mother/Tsume)

I honestly doubt she could take one of the Uchiha, maybe Naruto but not an Uchiha. From what I heard she was against a wind style fan user in the last round. I doubt she made it to be a chunin.

"So are you still a genin?" I asked, but I already knew the answer. There was no way this girl was already a chunin.

"The council told me I made chunin level as well as Shikamaru just today" she said. My jaw almost dropped. Kiba shot me a look, but I ignored. This girl had not only beated my son, Kiba, but made chunin which means there's a lot more to her that meets the eye.

"I imagine your parents must be very proud" I said.

"Oh um" she said quietly and started not eating, but picking at her food.

"What's wrong?" I asked curiously.

"It's just that... um....I um..." she continued to stutter.

"She's an orphan" Kiba said finally. 'Well that's not what I heard' I thought.

"Well that's not entirely true... My father is... Orochimaru" she said. 'Whoa, didn't see that coming' I thought. I knew she wasn't an orphan, but her father is Orochimaru!? Orochimaru, one of the three legendary sanin who trained under the late third hokage, is an S-rank criminal from this village. It was pretty silent afterwards until she had to leave. Kiba walked her home, as soon as he returns I need to speak with him about Yumi.


"Sorry my mom is just very nose sometimes" I apologized as I walked her home.

"No it's alright" she said quietly, which was rare for her to speak so quiet. She turned to go up the stairs to her apartment.

"What no goodbye hug?" I complained grinning. She rolled her eyes and I hugged her. When we pulled back just a little I kissed her. Unlike the last time I felt her body arch toward me and kiss back. I smiled at her when we finaly pulled away. A fishy, ramen smelling scent wafted in my direction. 

"Ew, smells like Naruto is coming this way" I grumbled. She laughed softly, that laugh I found myself loving. I didn't want to pull away, but I did anyway. As I walked away after waving goodbye my acute sense of hearing caught the sound of yelling. 

"Why are you and Kiba always together MMMM???? It's just weird you and that mutt together" Naruto complained. 

"Aaaaah! Naruto shut up and don't call my boyfriend a mutt!" I heard Yumi yell. 'Boyfriend? Well okay I'm cool with that' I thought as grin spread across my face. There was a loud crunching sound as Yumi's fist hit him. It was nice to know she was defending me, but I was going to need to defend myself tomarrow when I tease her about it tomarow.  

"Oh and Naruto. For being such a brat you have to do something for me" she said. 

"Fine whatever as long as you heal me with you medical ninjutsu" Naruto pleaded. 

"Okay, use this coupon to take Hinata out to Ichiracu Ramen when she gets back from her mission" Yumi said, Naruto though confused agreed. I grinned as I walked on. A bold move it was, Hinata was deeply in love with the blonde haired fool.  

I finaly made it home, and I braced myself to for my mothers lecture. This ought to be good.. 


"I see she's quite caple able of carring for herself" Tsume said as she finished clearing the table.

"Yeah well I'm going to bed" I said really not in the mood for a lecture.

"Kiba" my mother said. I stood near the door, darn it so close to making it out.

"Just be carefull" she said after a long sigh. I nodded my head and hurried of to bed. I was quite suprised I didn't get a long boring lecture.

In the morning I woke up. My side hurt as usual, but I could ignore it for Yumi's sake.

"Kiba! You've been summonded by the hokage" Hana said.

"Allright" I replied. I hurried to get dress, and looked in the mirror. My hair untamed as usual, dark grey pants, and a grey, fur lined hood; just the usual. In the hokages office the elders had some of the jonin and anbu black ops moving things in and out of the office. Apparently from what I could hear they were making room for a new hokage.

"Good your here. Now that all are here I can explain why" said one of the elders.

"Shikamaru Narra, you are to lead a the people you see here to the hidden sound village to gather as much information as you can on Orochimaru. Do you accept being the leader of this squad?" they asked.

"It'll be a drag, but I'll do it" Shikamaru said with a dull tone. I looked around the room Yumi, Sasuke, Ino, and Choji were also here I noticed. 'I know Shino's is out on anther mission, so it's other than Yumi and  the Ino-Shika-Cho squad was here as they called themselves. Ino is annoying, Sasuke who thinks he's the greatest, Choji is a fat-so, but he'll kill me if I say that to his face, and then the smart and lazy Shikamaru is here' I thought. After being dismissed we left to head to the main gate.

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