"Seriously Bee! You two are soooooo fricking cute together!!" Lissa exclaimed,sighing dreamily and collapsing on my bed.

"He's just my friend! Sure we are close,but he's more like a brother than anything! You don't date your brother Liss." I stated,as I packed my bag for the most amazing trip ever. This summer was going to be  blast! All my girls were going to Flordia,with me of course! It's like a girls retreat,no guys aloud. Time to get the flirt on..

"Mmmhmmm... Well. I say go for it! He's hot as hell too! Why can't you see that?!" she asked,laying upside down making funny faces as she talked. The blood started rushing to her face turning it a redish blue color.

"Well, now i know whay you act the way you do!" I smirked at my other best friend Liss.

Across the room i heard my phone buzz,and Liss was quick to jump up. "Liss." I warned her.

She glanced at the screen, "Ohhhhh. It's Him!" she iggled her eyebrows and started dancing around. "He wants your booooddayy, he thinks you're seexxaayyy.."

I rolled my eyes at her and opened the text.

To: Bee(:

Hey Girlie! Haven't heard from you the past few days. Everythng ohkay? I'm leaving for Flordia in an hour.. thought you might wanna say goodbye?

I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I grinned really big. Of course I wanna see my best friend!! Oh god.. wait.. did he say.. Flordia?! "Lissa. BIG PROBLEM!"

She looked at me in surprise,"What is it Bee?"

"He just told me HE was going to Flordia..too." I squeaked out.

Lissa's eye widened, "AND HE'S JUST NOW TELLING YOU THIS?!"

I had to sit down.. Where the hell is my water bottle?!


A/N ~ Well, here be my new story <3 hope you liiikkeeee. hehe (: its SUPER SHORT right now,but I SWEAR not all the parts will be like this (: the next one will be longer. Promise. I'll introduce all the charries and the main charries name also :P

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