Chapter 24

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We arrived, already people were usual. We met up with Molly and Jay, and I got a slight glimpse of Tyler, who was already tipsy. I think I'd just avoid him tonight, and Jake.

'Hey!' Molly cheered, she was also tipsy

I laughed shaking my head at her, the party had only started an hour ago! Jay laughed along while wrapping his hands around her and kissing her neck, why couldn't I have a boy friend like Jay? He was one of the jocks but still had a nice personality and you could get along with him so easily, lucky Molly. Although they did suit so much.

Sarah immediatley passed me a drink and dragged me to where everyone was dancing. A few people grabbed my waist asking for permission to dance with me, but for once, I didn't want anything to do with boys tonight, I'd had enough. Was my life better now? Or how it was before? Boring old quiet Stasee, she kept herself to herself, didn't get involved with boys, only books, and her Mom would still be fond of her. I still can't believe she said that, I checked the time, 10pm urgh.

I didn't plan on getting drunk tonight since I was going home, and so I didn't do anything stupid. Because that is something I'd do. We danced for atleast over an hour and drank until my bladder was going to burst.

'I'm going toilet, two minutes' I yelled to Sarah

She was too busy dancing away to ever hear me, jeez this girl and her drink. I rolled my eyes and pushed my way out through the crowd, I hadn't saw Tyler again thank god and hadn't even saw Jake yet, maybe he didn't come..

But I hope he did.

No! Stop! You can't think like that, I like Tyler, Jake was just a first love thing..I think, was I in love with him? Well whatever I felt for him has moved onto Tyler, but god know's what he feels for me now with what happened.

'I can't fucking believe you' A voice spoke

As I got to the top of the stairs I finally bumped into Jake, oh no. His face was mixed with worry and confusion, he blocked my path. I moved to the side of him but he followed.

'Jake what are you doing?' I asked

'Don't go in there' He quickly spoke

'I'm going to the toilet, don't go in where?'

'Oh..erm..' He stuttered

I looked behind him from where he had came from, it looked like a bedroom. What could be in there that he didn't want me to see so badly? I wanted to go..but he'd just stop me, I need to know, it'd eat me up.

'Jake, let me go' I demanded

He ran his hand through his hair with his face still full of worry, he shut his eyes and tensed his jaw as he moved past. I walked towards the room and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor, my heart felt like it had been ripped out.

Before me was a worried Tyler putting his boxers back on, and an evily grinning Carmen in bed..naked.

That little slut.

'W-what the hell' I stuttered

No, Stasee don't cry, don't let her know she's hurt you, that's what she wants. 

She hasn't hurt me, he has. He was so nice and sweet to me, then he goes and does this? 

'Stasee let me explain' Tyler begged

'I don't think this needs an explanation Tyler' I spoke while gulping

I turned around to walk out quickly as I felt a tear fall, I could feel Jake's apologetic look on me, but I refused to look at him. Quickly I ran downstairs and outside round the back where no one could see me. I sobbed more, why the heck did I believe him? He never liked me.

Why Carmen out of all the girls? Was he trying to get back at Jake? Or at me? I hadn't even done anything! I don't deserve this!

This is what you get for getting yourself involved in jocks Stasee.

Oh shut up concious, if I knew it was like this I wouldn't have gone in that stupid closet with him.

' okay?' A gentle voice asked

I looked up through my tear blurred vision and it was Jake, oh damn.

I nodded and sniffled while wiping my tears away.

'So you really did like him huh' He sighed

I nodded again

'He's a jerk..he didn't deserve you and now he realised he's lost the most beautiful girl he's ever had'

I smiled to myself but still didn't look at him, I felt..weird. Why was he being so nice?

'Come here' He whispered

Finally I looked up at him, huh?

'I'm not trying to hit on you Stasee, you just look like you need a hug' He laughed

I laughed with him and threw myself into his arms, he wrapped his arms around me, wow his muscles had got bigger from last time. He smelled amazing too, oh my god have I been missing out or what! 

'Where are you staying?' He whispered


'Come on..I'll walk you home'

He took his jacket off and placed it around me, wow the first time talking to Jake without him flirting with me, or us arguing with each other, and I liked it.

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