Forever (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

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*Hey Everyone! How are all of y'all? This is the first chapter of my second book. I hope you enjoy it. Love ya. Feedback please! xx :) *

It was almost 6 o' clock, my favorite time of the day. My long brown hair was up in a messy bun, I had my short Soffe Stanford Equestrian shorts on and a 1D sweatshirt. Niall didn't care what I looked like, he was so perfect. Tonight was the first night of my 3 week winter break and I had nothing to do, but I was happy with it. I was going to Skype Niall at six, like we do just about every night. My computer had its little ring, meaning a Skype call, I squealed and jumped.

"Niall!" I squealed to myself. 

"Shut up!" the person in the next apartment yelled. I sighed, I hated these paper thin apartment walls, they heard everything. I answered the Skype call, and for once it wasn't blurry and choppy.

"Hi Liv" Niall said. I smiled.

"Hey, I can actually hear you for once! Where are you guys?" I asked

"We stopped at McDonald's in Nevada and the boys went in to get something but I wanted to talk to you first."

"Aw, Niall I miss you tons." His blue eyes sparkled. "What?" I asked inquisitively.

"I have a present for you." He often sent me things, flowers, cards. We aren't dating but I wish we were. "Go open your door" He smiled, and as if on cue, someone knocked. I got up, "Hold on one second, okay?"

"Okay" He grinned.

I opened the door, nothing was there. I looked to my left, right, down, up. Up! There was a sign, that read 'Follow me!' Those UPS guys are a weird bunch. The second sign was on the right walls that had an arrow pointing to the elevator, I got in and the third sign had an arrow on the lobby button. I clicked it and waited to go down from the 5th floor. I wondered, why do I have to do all of this? Normally its just left at my doorstep. The elevator bell rang and I stepped into the lobby. More signs. I went every way. with signs saying 'Olivia, left!' 'No, other left!' after a few minutes I made my way to the door. I thought about Niall, hes probably not on Skype anymore. I laughed, Niall probably couldn't wait to get to his food. I thought about going back, but I decided not to, he looked so excited about the surprise. I made my way outside and what I saw stunned me. Whoa. The One direction tour bus was at my apartment building. On Stanford campus. In Stanford, CA. I squinted, all of a sudden I was tackled.

"Olivia!" "We missed you!" "We are here, we saved you!" "My favorite sister!' "No, she likes me more!" I laughed and crawled out.

"Boys! I missed you guys! What are you doing here?" I said while give them all hugs!

"Niall missed you." Liam said while Louis made kissy noises.

"Shut up you guys!" I laughed, these boys are my family.

My last hug was given to Niall our hug lasted the longest, I held him tight as I breathed his name. "Your actually here! You told me you were in Nevada!"

"We were, last week! We came because your on your winter break!" His Irish accent told me.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"YOUR COMING ON OUR TOUR FOR 2 WEEKS!" They screamed in unison. I was stunned.

"W-what?" I stuttered.

"You heard us. Your coming." Zayn said proudly.

"I am?" A sudden smile grown on my face. "Are you sure? What happened? Where? Is everyone okay with it?" A billion questions rumbled out of me at once.

"Yes! Com'on love, lets go get your stuff!" Harry blurted.

"Okay!" I said before thinking. Everyone cheered. This was going to be amazing. We made our way upstairs, while everyone talked amongst each other Niall and I quietly stayed near the back and talked.

"I can't believe this! Am I really going to do this?" I thought aloud.

"Of course, unless you don't want to.." Niall suddenly looked sad.

"This is going to be the best time of my life!" I yelped. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"You bet it is." We both smiled. I really wished we were together or maybe-

"Get over here lovers, we need you to unlock you apartment so we can get going!" Harry said jokingly. I scooted to the front and unlocked my apartment. I wondered if they would think I'm weird. I had One direction posters all over the little apartment. It was a tiny space, obviously for one person with only one bathroom, one bedroom, a tiny kitchen, and small living room.

"Sorry its really litt-" The boys were already looking around. Niall was in the fridge, Louis and Harry were in my room, Zayn just accidentally broke something because of messing around with Liam.

"Whoops!" Zayn and Liam both looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

I looked at the innocent faces. "Don't worry about it." I laughed, hoping it didn't sound to fake.

"Why do you only have noodles, don't you eat anything else?" Niall whined.

"Its the college life, what can I say?"

"You can say, I'm going to get more food!" Niall told me.

"NIALL! She only has posters of you hung up, she doesn't have any singles of us!" Harry screamed!

Louis whined. "Hey, no favorites!" I blushed. "Oh look I found her thongs! Look! There's one that says 'To much for you' ha ha!" Louis shrieked and ran out with it on over his shorts. All the other boys ran in and got my bras and panties and put them over their clothes. They were lined up trying to look as seductive as possible in my clothes.

"Oh my god." I whispered. I blushed uncontrollably. They all laughed at me. I ran at them! "Give them back! 5 to 1 isn't fair!" I got off a couple but I coudn't get them back from Zayn. He stuffed my cheetah print thong down his pants. I decided to get them some time when they wern't in his pants... "Ugh, I hate you guys!" They looked at me.

"You will love us again, it was worth it anyway." Liam winked and said. I smiled and punched him playfully.

"Let me go pack." 

"Make sure to bring some of those." Niall said laughing. I just stuck my tongue out at him and laughed. This was going to be interesting.

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