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Hey guys. Back again after a long time. Was a li'l caught up. But finally free now. Anyways did you guys miss reading my book?

Well...anyways here you guys go with another chapter.

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A week later.

Nandini was already discharged from the hospital. But still she was a little weak. She was still recovering. She was trying to be her normal self.  Doctor had asked her to come for a follow up and today MaNan were supposed to go the hospital today at the noon.  

It was late in the morning when Manik entered Murthy's place.
Yes, Manik wasn't staying with Nandu at her home but he was staying in his own home. He wanted to give her some space and also  wanted her to realise that no matter what he will always TRUST HER. As somewhere deep down inside his heart he knew that Nandini would never do anything deliberately wrong or anything that would make him break his trust in her. He knew that his Nannu would never keep secrets with him.

Nandini was already awake but she was still laying in her bed lost in her thoughts. Her parents were still not back. They would be now staying there in Mangalore itself as her amms wasn't well and they also had to handle their business in Mangalore. So they asked Nandini to  take care of herself for now and they'd be back in Mumbai after a week to settle the things there.

When Manik entered Nandini's room, it was in the same condition that he had left in last night and Nandu was the same as she was since she was back home. He knew that something was bothering her. But wasn't able to pinpoint what it exactly was. Even he was hurt seeing her like that. But he also appreciated the efforts that Nandini was making.
She always tried her best to be her normal self when in front of Manik. She always talked as if everything was normal and laughed at the silliest things. But whom was she fooling?  Manik or her ownself

Manik had now decided that he needed to talk to Nandu about this as it was too much for him to bear. He had decided he'd just ask her a question when they'd be back after the hospital as he didn't want her to ruin her health. He didn't want her to take some more stress.

He slowly went towards the bed and kissed on her forehead and she just closed her eyes and smiled absorbing his kiss, his touch. He always did this. It was their routine. His lips stayed on her forehead for a little longer and Nandu opened her eyes.

"Good morning Manik" she wished him with a smile that didn't reach her eyes. He already noticed that.

"Good morning Manik's love. Wake up now my sleeping beauty it's already 11 and we've to be at the hospital by 12:45" 


"Get up now. Come on"

She lazily got down from her bed and stood up. She went towards the window and took a long breath when she felt a pair of hands hugging her from behind. Who else could it be, it was her man, her love, Manik. She smiled recognizing his touch and turned to face him. She turned towards him and hugged him tightly to her dear life. 

"I love you Manik." She mumbled.

"I love you way too more jaan but.."

"But?" She immediately broke the hug and looked at him.

He just chuckled a bit and lifted her in his arms.

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