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I feel tears pricking in my eyes. I can't stand this.

He betrayed me again. 

All of this was a huge mistake.

 I turn and start running back to the gate through the crowd.

'Claire, it's not what you think.' I hear Ryan yell somewhere behind me in a distance. I don't stop, I can't bear being lied to one more time.

I run straight to the parking lot pushing through the throng of people moving in the opposite direction as me. I squeeze and push through that crowd finally breathing some fresh air on the other end. 

My eyes are blurred by now, tears flowing down my face in torrents. I walk to my car, my mind still reeling from the hit. 

Fumbling with my car keys I start the engine. The car comes to life and I spot Ryan running towards my car. I don't wait for him. Wiping the tears from my eyes I maneuver the car out of my parking space and get the hell out of the carnival. There is a long line of cars at the gate to get in.

Thankfully there is no queue at the out gate and I zoom past the exit as fast as I can. 

The road is empty and there are dry yellow leaves fallen on the road. If I weren't having the worst time of my life I would have stopped to admire the beautiful scenery around me.

The bare trees devoid of leaves but full of colorful blossoms, leaves fallen around on the ground mixed with the green bushes creating a picturesque scene against a clear blue sky. 

I roll down my window, desperately hoping for the wind to take away my worries. The fresh scent of the blossoms wafts in through the window. The wind blasts my hair backwards and I cherish the moment. 

I keep driving down the road for a long time, wishing for my life to become as straight as the road in front of me. 

Suddenly a police patrol car emerges behind me. Sirens blaring, asking me to pull over. 

Great! This is perfect! This is exactly what I needed... getting arrested on a wretched day like this. 

I pull over on the side of the road. An old officer with a moustache and a pair of glasses walks over to me with a speeding ticket in his hand.  

'Miss' he says addressing me 'license please' he asks with is hand outstretched. 
I nod and open the dashboard cabin, searching for my license. I rummage thing around while the officer gets impatient. 

Shit! Houston we have a problem.  

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