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I never thought I would say this about a conference but this conference was amazing.  Everything about it was great, from the speakers and the stalls to the venue, food and especially the city, London.

This was my fourth and last day in this beautiful city and I was going to make the most of it. Thanks to Lain, I had a long list of places to visit. She had emailed a detailed itinerary for today and I was hoping to follow it.
Her list took me to all the underrated spots of the city. Perfect places tucked away from tourist eyes.
The day passed too fast for my liking. I wanted more time but I had none. I walked down an ally and found myself in front of a small red café with a window made of small glass squares. This was my last spot on the list.
I walk in and a familiar sent hits me. Cinnamon.
Nostalgia hits me like a slap on my face. The bite of betrayal is too fresh but I don’t let it drag me down.
I walk to the counter to check out their display which was being restocked. I watch the man bring a beautifully decorated chocolate cake and place it on the counter in front of me. Just when I was going to ask him a question about the cake, he turns the cake.
Iced on it were the words ‘I am Sorry Claire’
I kept starting at the cake. I think I was going into shock. It wasn’t possible that he … no it just wasn’t possible. He didn’t know that I was here.
How could he have known that I was going to be here? Maybe it was all in my head. The cake might be for some other Claire.
I look up to tell the man who had brought the cake to tell him that it was mistake but when I look up, that man is gone.
In his place, the most beautiful man that I’ve known in my life stands. The very man I was wishing was here. The only man who could have made me complete.
He stood there on the other side of the counter with his thousand megawatt smile and his Greek God looks.
But I wasn’t going to get my hopes up, yet. I couldn’t take another blow like the one he gave me not too long ago. I just couldn’t go through that pain again.
I look at him with a neutral expression.
‘Lain gave you the address?’
‘Yes, she did.’
‘hmm, well then it was nice seeing you here in London. I should go, I have an early flight tomorrow.’ I give him a small smile, internally screaming for him to say something, anything!
I turn to leave.
‘Claire, wait!’ his voice urgent.
I stop in my tracks and turn to face him.
‘Claire, I am sorry. I truly am. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Please don’t go.’ He pleads
‘Ryan, what do you want me to do? Am I just supposed to forget what happened?’
By now all eyes are on us.
‘No, I don’t expect you to forgive me for what I did.’ He takes a step towards me ‘But I want you to give me one last chance to be the man that you deserve. Please give me a chance. Stay with me.’ He says earnestly.

‘What about Jenna?’ I say quietly. He is standing so close to me that I can feel his breath on me.

‘You don’t have to worry about her, you never had to be worried. I was, am and always will be yours.
You are the one.
My one.
He says this with such an intensity that I believe him.
He leans in and I meet him in the middle.

It’s passionate and urgent.

It’s everything that I had hoped it would be.

The perfect ending to my perfect day.

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