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This is absolutely great!

A perfect ending to a perfect day!

From getting daggered to getting arrested.

Wow! My day couldn't get any better.

So here I am sitting on the edge of my seat in a jail cell with a bunch of creepy guys, one of whom I swear was on the most wanted list.

Just when I'm thinking about my chances of getting out of this cell alive, an officer calls me to make my call.


I take the receiver from him and debate on who to call in a time like this. Calling my mom would be a mistake –

Firstly, I don't think she'll come because my going to jail would be a direct hit on her social status and secondly, if by some chance she does come to get me, she would be terribly condescending.

And I can't handle that.

Not now.

For a split second I think about calling Ryan but even thinking about him gives me pain.

I dial Gary's number. He picks up on the first ring.

'Hello' he says.

'I'm in trouble. I need you to bail me out and please don't tell anyone about this.' I speak rapidly into the receiver, wringing my other hand in the hope of making him understand my situation somehow.

'Okay. Wait. I'll be there.' I sigh a sigh of relief.

I wait for half an hour in the dreadful cell, watching the gate like a hawk. Finally after what seems like a century, Gary comes in to bail me out and he doesn't look happy.

I scoot to the cell door eager to get out. The constant stares of the other inmates making me feel uncomfortable.

The moment the door opens I run out and hug Gary for saving me.

'I need an explanation. For this' Indicating the situation that I am in.

I nod and reply 'I'll explain on the way back.'

My mom's car that I had borrowed would be delivered at home later as officer moustache turned out to be a friend of Gary. He graciously offered to drive the car home so that Gary and I could get some time to talk.

We get into Gary's old Chevy. I sometimes wonder how thing still works, she is so old that I can call it ancient.

'You better start talking Claire' He says sternly while firing up the old noisy engine, making it nearly impossible for me to be heard on top of all that noise.

This is the first time I have been on the receiving end of his wrath.

I start explaining, speaking as loud as I can. I doubt I would have any voice left after this.

In the half hour ride, I explain the whole story from the beginning – from Aaron to Ryan to Jenna and the arrest.

He listens with rapt attention and when I'm done he doesn't speak. We are nearly home and my voice is hoarse from all the loud talking and the emotions that surface back. The half healed wounds open again.

He doesn't say anything for the rest of the journey and as he stops the car at my gate. I jump out of the car, hiding my tears and mumble a thank you.

Slamming the door, I run inside.

I wanted him to say something, anything to reassure me that everything is going to be okay. But he didn't say a word.

Just sat there staring straight ahead, leaving me there to bleed out.

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