"Expectations" (Book 2, "Encouragement" sequel)--Prologue

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"Expectations" (Book 2, "Encouragement" sequel)--Prologue, November 23, 2018 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1191)   
(an original Regency romance copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2018 - 2019; all rights reserved); [(1) story cover art, left]

[As is my custom, from time to time I will illustrate my story with my ideal cast consisting of (in order of appearance/mention): Richard Armitage as Lord Christian Blount Earl of Sussex, Kate Winslet as Lady Madeline Sinclair Blount Countess of Sussex, Dame Maggie Smith as Lady Lucretia Beckham Knott, Jessica Brown Findlay as Lady Elizabeth Blount, Crispin Bonham-Carter as Lord Harold Blount, Dame Judi Dench as Lady Catherine Blount the Dowager Countess of Sussex, Corin Redgrave as Lady Madeline's father the Squire Sutton Sinclair, Amanda Root as Mrs. Russell her aunt, Rupert Penry Jones as Lord Duncan the Viscount Lindsay and the second son of the Duke of York, David Oakes as Lord Alfred the Marquess of Malten and the first born son and heir to the Duke of York, Emma Thompson as Lady Gwendolyn "Gwennie"Lindsay of York their sister; and Lady Constance Knightsbridge daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Lancashire and betrothed of the late Lord Alfred, Hugh Grant as her brother Lord Robert Knightsbridge the Marquess of Wyre and the heir to the Duke of Lancashire, and others as noted.]

Author's story content and serializing scheduling notes: For the most part, my ratings for the chapters will be PG-13-for romantic interludes and dramatic moments. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with these ratings, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer. And I always put the previous chapter's recap at the top of the next chapter. Also, I hope to post Chapter 1 on Sunday, and thereafter post weekly on Sundays.

"Expectations" (Book 2, "Encouragement sequel)--Wattpad/story Description, 
updated 11/22/18

A young lady of the peerage in Regency England has but three wishes in life: to please her aristocratic parents, to honor her aristocratic family, and to promote society's and her country's best interests by following the first two wishes in marrying well to solidify family alliances. But where do a young lady's hopes, dreams, and wishes abide? And with the expectations pressed upon her by her family and society, how might a young lady fulfill her own desires and expectations for a happy life?

Lady Elizabeth Blount, Lady Gwendolyn Lindsay, and Lady Constance Knightsbridge are three ladies who desire their hearts' expectations of romance and love be fulfilled-as were Lady Madeline Sinclair Blount the Countess of Sussex's expectations fulfilled in meeting and marrying her husband Lord Christian Blount the Earl of Sussex, after a little encouragement. And it will be up to the newly married Lady Madeline and her husband Lord Christian as the Countess and Earl of Sussex to somehow help these other [three] ladies fulfill their expectations.

"Expectations", Prologue: Early Spring, two months after Lady Elizabeth's February 1816 Presentation Ball

The first garden party of the London Season is stubbornly taking place in a still rather chilly late March 1816 at Lady Towbridge's large London estate. The flower buds have not yet fully opened, they are waiting until the truly Spring warmth comes in the next few days.

And if the weather were more agreeable, Lady Elizabeth Blount--younger sister to her brother the Earl of Sussex Lord Christian Blount and his newlywed bride and her best friend Lady Madeline Sinclair Blount-would be wearing her new pink chiffon frock. But alas as it is still chilly, she and all the guests stoically walk through the not quite fully blooming English garden of Lady Towbridge.

Standing several yards away from the other guests by design, Lady Elizabeth admires a nascently budding primrose clutch [(2) primrose, right] while wearing her sensible and warm carriage gown of a light blue colored wool trimmed in velvet. The velvet trim being recently applied to add a bit of panache to her warm garment, since walking dresses would be altogether too light weight against the chilly weather. And Lady Elizabeth does not want to have her blossoming womanly figure hidden from view under a cloak-should a certain much admired gentleman join her today as surreptitiously planned.

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