Ch. 21: Courting Couples, Part 2

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"Expectations" (Book 2)--Ch. 21: Courting Couples, Part 2, May 19, 2019 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1236; and on Wattpad)

(an original Regency romance copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2018 - 2019; all rights reserved); [(1) story cover art, above far left]

[As is my custom, from time to time I will illustrate my story with my ideal cast consisting of (in order of appearance/mention in this chapter): Vicar Frederick Whitby aka Lord Alfred Lindsay the Marquess of Malten (portrayed by David Oakes); Lady Constance Knightsbridge Lindsay the Marchioness of Malten (portrayed by Margaret Clunie); Lady Tamsin Knightsbridge Lindsay, daughter of Lady Constance and Lord Alfred (portrayed by Francesca Capaldi); Lord Robert Knightsbridge the Marquess of Wyre (portrayed by Hugh Grant) , Lady Gwendolyn Lindsay of York (portrayed by Emma Thompson);  Lord Harold Blount (portrayed by Crispin Bonham-Carter) and Lady Penelope Lindquist (portrayed by Lily Travers)  ; and Lord Duncan the Viscount Lindsay of York (portrayed by Rupert Penry-Jones) who is smitten with Lady Elizabeth Blount (portrayed by Jessica Brown Findlay), who is sister to Lord Christian Blount the Earl of Sussex (portrayed by Richard Armitage) and sister-in-law to his young wife Lady Madeline Sinclair Blount Countess of Sussex (portrayed by Kate Winslet]

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Ch. 21: Courting Couples, Part 2

Though with Lord Alfred/Vicar Whitby coming to live with his wife Lady Constance and daughter Tamsin up at the large and elegant Sussex Hall Manor House last night, the excitement of this momentous family reunion makes sleep hard won—except for the youngest of them, the now Lady Tamsin Lindsay of York.   For nine year old Lady Tamsin's eyes close in sleep almost as soon as she gains her bed and her parents kiss her good night upon her forehead.

But for Lord Alfred's/Vicar Whitby's and Lady Constance's parting to sleep this night, it is charged with the pleasing tension of former lovers yearning for reconnection, yet with them waiting for full reconciliation until they court for a suitable period and then are wed, again. Lord Alfred still feels himself to be a vicar and barring remembrance of his marriage to Lady Constance, he has told her that he wants to hold a new marriage ceremony—that can be a renewal of their vows to each other.

So, the couple walk through the connecting door from Lady Tamsin's bed chamber to Lady Constance's bed chamber and part chastely, albeit in near proximity to her bed.

Lord Alfred/Vicar Whitby: Taking her small hand in his, he chastely kisses it upon the top of her soft skinned and creamy complexioned hand. "I will leave you now to your rest, Constance. And in the morning, we shall start our lives anew as a family with ourselves and with our daughter Tamsin."

Lady Constance: "Oh Alfred!" She sighs. "It has been my fondest wish these past ten years for us to do so." Her loving gaze almost undoes him with the depth of her unswerving devotion.

Lord Alfred/Vicar Whitby: "And mine as well—to have a family." He states somewhat obliquely, since he still does not remember Lady Constance—however much he truly wishes that he did. So he smiles then exits to the empty hallway and then enters his newly assigned bedchamber across from hers.


And though the Ducal parents of both York and Lancashire families have also long since gone to their beds, their offspring Lady Gwendolyn of York and Lord Robert Knightsbridge the Marquess of Wyre [(2) above]—and the Lancashire Ducal heir—remain seated in matching wing chairs on either side of the front parlor's hearth. The waning embers from the nearly fully burned logs still casts a bit of warmth in their direction.

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