"P-please D-don't leave me" I said

"I never will I promise no matter what" I hate crying that's all I've been doing lately.



So me and eve haven't talked in the past week. Ever since we got home from camping. We say hi and how are you when she comes to visit, but we never had a full conversation. Also I've been talking to chelsey lately and she's changed a lot she's way nice. I'm starting to like her again. Eves parents are gone for 3 months she won't tell us why so she's staying at our house because as we all know jc is her cousin.

I decided to walk downstairs and I see Kian

"Good morning" I say sleepily

"oh hi trevor" he says

"Can you wake up Eve it's her birthday" he said,

wait what it's her birthday. I feel horrible. I nodded and walked upstairs. I open her door quietly, and sat on her bed

"Birthday girl" I said

"Babyyyyyyyy" I whined. I have no idea why I called her that but she woke up when I said it.

"Matthew I'm tired leave me alone" She mumbled. Well that was a surprise. Maybe she's having a dream About him. why though.

"It's Trevor"

"oh....uh hi what are you doing in my room?" She asked

"Its your birthday!"I yelled

"trevor my birthday isn't till 3 months you should know we have the same birthday" She threw a pillow at my face.

I looked at the door and see all the boys laughing. great I forgot we had the same birthdays too,

"well um I'll just leave,.," I said walking towards the door, but the boys wouldn't let me.

"Nope we need you guys to talk" jc said

"What why we haven't been fighting or anything"I said

"You guys haven't talked all week now go or you'll stay in this room forever" Sam says

GREAT. There's nothing wrong with me and her though.

"Fine" and with that they closed the Door.

"What's their problem?" Eve asked

"I don't know there's nothing wrong going on between us so I have no idea what their doing" I sigh. she was still laying in bed. she haven't once gotten up.





"Have we really been ignoring each other?" She asks

"Well we haven't talked all week so I guess it seems Like it"

"sooo what have you been doing all week" I ask

"talking to Matthew and Johnathan also I read a fan fic about you it was funny" She giggled. again with the giggling it's so cute.

"You read fanfics about me?" I chuckled

"Well this one girl shipped us a lot and put me as the main characters it was trending on Twitter so I read it" She smiled. that smile. I Really like her.

"What was the fanfic about?" I smirked

"Oh the usual we date get married have a baby boy and then live happily ever after" She says picking up her phone. some fanfics I Really wish I was that smooth with a girl but noooo


"OH MY GOSH" She yells

she scared me and it made me jump

"oh God eve don't scare me like that" I put my.

"MATT IS VISITING US NEXT MONTH MY BA-" She stopped herself and covered her mouth with her hand. was she just going to call him baby or babe..,.oh hell no I'm going sharkeisha on him. I really do like eve and chelsey, but it will always be eve Before anyone

"uhm what?" I asked kinda more angry then I though

"oh uh nothing,,,,," She got the covers off her and she was wearing only a t-shirt. We're use to this kind of stuff because we've known eachother all our life. her hair was in a messy bun. can I just run to her and hug her?

"Sher" She says

"Wait what?"

"You asked if you could hug me and I answered with sher" She came up to me and hugged me. she smelled really good.

"Happy?" She smiled. oh my gosh that smile needs to stop it's killing me

"very" I smiled back.

"How about I we hang out later" I asked

"sounds great" she said looking through her clothes. I sat down on her bed.

"Ok here's the plans we're going to the movies and then we take a walk and then we get ice cream an-" she cut me off

"Sounds more like a date" she smirked.

"I..uhm...I just uhm" I stuttered. WOW. I never stuttered.

"Yes I'll go on a date with you trevor"


"Yes Ill go on a date with you trevor" I said. honestly I've only been ignoring him a little bit because I'm scared to fall in love again. if I lose anyone else I might not even be able to go on anymore.

"really?" he asked surprised

"Surprised much?" I asked

"its...its just....oh my gosh really?"

"yes really now go get ready" I pushed him out the door oh God how is this date going to go..but why all of a sudden? he use to hate me I'll ask him tomorrow


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