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Honestly I'm like SO BORED. I have nothing to do. I can always go on Twitter. hmmm yeah that seems reasonable. so I went on Twitter and saw trevor said something

@TrevorMoran With this amazing girl I love you chelsey @thepopularchelsey

Wow another girlfriend in the past 2 months. He Literally had a girlfriend named Ashley last week. By the way don't ask why I follow him on Twitter. it's completely normal to follow the people you Hate. I got a text message from Sam.

Sam: wanna hang out with me and the guys?

Me: Will Trevor be there?:/

Sam: yes and he has his girlfriend over too

Me: ugh fine wait bathing suit or nah?

Sam: YES!!! You're spending the night

Me: I have to ask my parents


Me: Alright Cya luv ya

Sam:Love you too byeeee

well I guess I'm spending the night at the "o2l" house. you guys might be wondering YOUR PARENTS LET YOU SPEND THE NIGHT THERE? Yes they do because I'm 16 and they trust me. their not home most of the time because they go on vacation without me. sux. so I just left a note

Dear: mom and dad

spending the night At the boys house I love you and I'll be home tomorrow by the way you better have brought me a little keychain to whatever place you went:)

                                    xoxo~you're daughter

I got my bathing suit. it's just a plain black one nothin to fancy I grabbed a really big t-shirt cause that's all I sleep in....don't judge me.

I ran to my parents room and put the note on their bed. they have candy in 1 of their draws so I took a hand full...sneaky

I ran downstairs. opened the door then walked to their House. I knocked on it and JC answers

"JC" I yelled and hugged him

"EVE ITS BEEN A LONG TIME" he hugged me back

"Yeah how's family in San Antonio?" I asked walking inside

"Their great and Joe Felix and jaylen miss you"

"Awww I miss them too" oh wait did I forget to mention jc is my cousin? oops. I guess it didn't come up.

"LOOK THE QUEEN IS HERE" ricky yells.

"THE ONE AND ONLY" I twirl like a weirdo I am.

"EEEVEEEEEEEEE" Sam tackled me. alright then

"Sam get off me" I pushed him off.


"ME" we all yelled.

"What is she doing her?" I hear a familiar voice say. trevor. I see him holding hands with "chelsey" I decided to make him mad

"is that ashley? oh wait that was last week who's this week?" I say with a straight face

"Eve c'mon let's just go" Sam said Pulling me away

"I gotta go change" I whine

"go ahead We'll all be out here" he let go of my hand IM FREE!!!

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