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I walked downstairs away from trevor. I feel like every time we're together something goes wrong. like seriously can't the world just be nice for once. it's uhm here's an example: OMG I LOVE MY LIFE

LIFE: WAIT HOLD UP NO YOU CANT. THEN something goes wrong.

I was still thinking of what I told trevor...I just poured my feelings out to him and he didn't  do anything.

I went to my room and jumped on my bed. I didn't know what to do so I Texted Matt.I changed his name in my contact judge me.

To: MyDinosaur



-Hey,,,what's wrong?):


-Life hates me),:


-No. Life does not hate you. Life is just complicated.


-Thanks Mattttt I'll ttyl8r I hear someone at my door.


-K text me when you can so we can hang out later (:


-Ok!! ttyl8r Byeeee

"you can come in you know" I laughed

it was trevor, surprised? yeah me either.

He walked straight through my door and kissed me. damn. ok no warning well I did kiss back. ahhh you know that feelings when you're with your crush.

Well kissing him feels like the freakin butterfly species just took me over. That's a lot of butterflies.He pulled away and smiled. He kept his hand on my cheek.

"I love you so much" he said

"I love you more" I smiled

"I love you most" we both smiled

"I'm sorry for walking away" I looked down

"No no it was my fault I didn't say anything, I should've said something but I was in shock. Eve I love you more than you can imagine. No girl has ever said the reasons why they love me or even dating me. I can't even say I love you Enough for you to believe me, because you think....oh my gosh yeah you say that to every other girl. True, but you know I probably did say it to every girl I dated, but this time it Actually means something. I never ever will hurt you and yes I admit the fame is taking me over that's something I'm trying to change."

I didn't know what to say. Can he be lying. no no no. I'm not going to doubt him. I wanted to speak up but instead I jumped up and hugged him.

"Are we good?" he asked letting out for heads touch eachother.

"hmm....yeah" I nodded

"OK OFF TO NARNIA!" He threw me over his shoulder and started walking to the living room.once we got there he dropped me on the carpet.

"IM LAYING ON THE COLD HARD FLOOR" I started singing Taylor swifts song, I know the word suppose to be ground but I'm inside not outside

"BAAAABE IM HUNGRY" I hear Kian yell

"ME TOO" trevor yelled back.

"I WAS TALKING TO ANDREA NOT YOU FAT ASS" I bursted out laughing.

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