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"Trevor I can't" I looked over to him and see the sadness in his eyes. I stood up and hugged him.

"bye trevor.." with that I walked away. Were was I going you ask? I have no idea. I kept walking till someone stopped me.

"Hey Eve what are you doing out here alone?" some guy who looked about 2 years younger then me asked.

"Uhm who are you?" I asked. He laughed and said

"Ok enough playing around c'mon let's go Hang out with the guys" who the HECK is this guy. Oh ya know I was kidnapped by a guy who just wants to hang out. no problem.

soon enough we arrived at a hotel. ok he probably is gonna rape me. should I run away...HOW IS THAT EVEN AN OPTION. 3 other guys came down. I'm questioning myself at this point. Why can't I meet a girl.

"HAYES YOU FOUND HER!" one said he looked a bit Asian.

"OH GOD EVE ITS BEEN 3 WEEKS WHAT THE FUCK" the one with a bandana said.

"oh uhm yeah?" I said more in a question tone. they all looked at me then this boy hugged me and spun me around.

"You Never texted me back" what is he talking about.

"Seriously who are you guys?" they all Bursted out in laughter

"Wow your good eve but your pranking keeps getting worse" the Asian Like one said.

"Can I at least get your names?"

"Wait....your not kidding?" the bear hugger asked me

"Guys all I remember is waking up from a hospital and a guy named tur- I Mean trevor saying he's my boyfriend. We went for a walk we talked. I ended up here" They all looked at each other then back at me.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HOSPITAL!" bandana guy yelled

"I don't know" I said.

"WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR COUSIN" the guy who hugged me said. gosh I need to know their name.


"Taylor" bandana dude said

"Carter" the Asian like said.

"Hayes" the younger one said.

"and I'm your bestfriend Matt but we're missing some one his name is nash" ok so I got their names down. Can I just say Matt is hot? Carter pulled out his phone and called someone. I have 6 contacts and it's the guys I apparently live with. ugh.

"Can I have your numbers" I asked shyly. they all looked at me confused. the struggle of losing memory

"You already have our number" Hayes said

"no I asked if I ever had a phone and trevor said I didn't so I got a new one"

"That asshole" Matt murmured. I giggled. I gave them my phone and they put their numbers in.

"We're going to the guys house right now" Taylor said. he grabbed my hand and we all went inside a car.



If you didn't know Taylor was the one who knocked. Kian answered the door.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO OUR SISTER" Hayes yelled. damn straight forward. he must really care.

"come inside" Kian sighed. why is he acting so calm I just lost most of my memory or should I say All.

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