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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 31: Kind of a good idea

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"We got it!" James repeats, sitting down on the grass next to me and Sirius. "What?" I ask him, peering at the cover of his book. "It's about transfiguration." James shrugs, flipping through the pages impatiently. Mary, Alice, and Lily happen to walk last just then. James' hand immediately jumps to his hair, messing it up and grinning at Lily. Lily rolls her eyes and waves to me, and I wave back, smiling at the three of them. "I'll see you later for dinner." I tell them. "Sure!" Mary smiles at me, walking away. "She really doesn't give you the time of day, does she?" Sirius asks James. "Nah, but she'll come around. How could she not? And she's the only girl in the school who doesn't think I'm attractive!" James groans as he flips through the book. "Sure James." I say, rolling my eyes. "You're so conceited." Remus laughs. "Wait! Here it is!" James exclaims, his finger slamming onto a page about Animagi. "This is what we used!" Sirius says. "What?" I ask then, frowning. James sighs in exasperation. "THIS is what we used to become Animgi towards the start of the year! River, you could become an animagus too! That way you could help Remus without being in danger!" My eyes widen as I comprehend what he's saying. I look at Remus, who has an equally shocked expression. "No." He says suddenly, shaking his head. "No?" Sirius asks "Why?" "Because Padfoot, it's way too dangerous." "But Moony, we do it! If we can, she should be able to too! And anyway, were Gryffindors, we're supposed to things like this! The whole point is that we're in the house of "the brave and daring." And all that." Remus stops shaking his head, reluctance on his face. "But even the procedure is dangerous. And.. And if anything happened to you, I'd feel terrible River! I couldn't love with myself if.. If I.." Remus says, looking down. "I know, but you won't! And I only really want to be able to meet you afterwards without being caught." I say, shrugging. "Well.. You could.. Meet us without getting caught if you were an animagus." Peter says quietly. We all look at him funny, shocked by his rare moment of wisdom. "You know Wormtail, that might not be a bad idea." Sirius says slowly, putting a hand on Peters shoulder. "So that's that then. Remus, were making you sister into an animagus."

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